Where does someone who doesn't belong anywhere go besides 6 feet under??

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by depressedmonkey, Jan 23, 2014.

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  1. Where does someone who doesn't belong anywhere go besides 6 feet under?? I've tried everything, I just can't go on. I feel like an ugly, useless, monster. I'm 28, i have no job, live with parents, don't have ANY friends, I have bad feet/real sweaty, vericose in legs, i weigh 240 pounds and I'm only 5'8, I have 0 confidence, I'm ugly, I'm useless in bed with a woman, I'm stupid... I tried many jobs, someone eventually starts making fun of me and I quit. So I can't keep jobs. I live 1 hour away from the <mod edit - methods>. I go through these episodes where I pack my car with all my junk and drive to los angeles to try to be homeless and escape, then I end up coming back home in a few days. I try to run away but I just can't seem to. I feel now at 28 my only option is<mod edit - methods>. I'm just so lonely, I just want to talk to somebody you know. Maybe when I pass over I'll have tons of people to talk to. Anyways, thanks for listening.
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    Have you tried counseling or speaking to a Dr about possibility of medication for anxiety issues and depression? Your question about where does one go when they cannot do anything by themselves is answered is you go to find help. If you are trying to do everything by yourself and failing try finding some help to treat any underlying disabilities or to learn some of the coping skills you need to do things on your own a little better.
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    What is the everything you have tried dm, may I gently ask? Sometimes our minds can get stuck in a rut of "how we see things" when a new perspective is what's called for. Well done for reaching out here to see if there is a new perspective. I'm a survivor of a nearly successful attempt because of feeling 1,000 worse than a total failure - I promise you that there are different ways of thinking we can experience - PM me if you'd like :)
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    It does seem like my personal story except I have never even kissed a girl :( and as it looks never will. The first thing you could do is lose weight if you think that will give you more self-confidence. Then you might consider doing a cognitive therapy. Stay away from medications as in general they are worthless with social phobia ... Stay strong
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    monkey, i feel you, i also have no job, no friends, no boyfriend, and live with my parents. you are welcome here. come in chat and try to make a few online friends, even if they aren't as good as real ones. also just try to take care of your body. that means eating healthy foods (natural/ whole/ raw/ vegan) and exercising at least 20 mins a day. Do you get ssi? maybe if you do, you could afford tiny apartment of your own, unless you need someone to supervise you if you self harm, are suicidal, or unstable a lot. yes, it's terribly hard to keep a job with social anxiety disorder ( i have that too!) but maybe you just arent ready for it yet; if you are in therapy, just keep working at it until it gets better. also try getting out of the house at least once a day... even though it is so hard. take care.
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    hi monkey.

    plenty of friends here!

    agree with checking out the diet and exercise.

    ugly? well i shouldnt worry about that. clean presentable and friendly and caring will show you to be attractive to all.

    try a job where you can help someone else. rewards will be being appreciated so much you will be surprised.

    keep posting here!
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