where have they gone

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    my friends. gone.

    its so fucking funny. its hilarious. im so happy for 2 weeks with my life. im actually so happy, that i think somethings wrong with me. i think i have brain cancer or something causing my personality to shift.

    and now it comes crashing down. tell me you dont think thats hilarious? sometimes i laugh so hard tears pour down my face.

    i made friends with one of my other friends sister. one year older than me. ok. but apparently, its wrong for me to have other friends, so they all get pissed at me. My friends (fake names). Ted, bob, Alice, Christina. I've had a rocky relationship with alice for the past two years (refer to all my threads about relationships... youll see) and she and christina are now so fucking pissed at me. And my guy friends, ted and bob are distant to me.

    It's so funny. They're all angry at me because im nice. i try to be nice to everyone. make friends with everyone. and they all hate me.

    I have no friends. And when I did, i thought something was wrong with me.

    The outcast in all the tv shows, friends, boy meets world, they make it in the end. they have friends. but not in real life. Nobody gives a FUCK about me
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    I have no friends...I'm totally alone and I feel your pain....every friend I've ever made I've lost...I don't know why the all leave, I guess it's cause I'm odd or weird or some shit, Like who the fuck would care if I died???? No one would even notice.

    Sorry not much help....god I'm a fucking loser....
  3. shades

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    Hey Alex: I can't respond to this yet because don't know the other threads of yours (I will take a look), but I wanted you to know that I saw your diary thread and totally agree with you about some of the issues you bring up there. Like why dont people have any reply, yet they check it out to view it. It would seem like there should be more replies for the number of views in general terms. Like I notice that some get say 3 replies out of 50 views about something serious and some get 90 out of a 100 for something not as serious.

    It's happened to me too. But, keep talking and you will probably make a couple of close friends here you can count on to send a pm and have them send one back.

    That has worked out for me...just knowing that two people will respond that will send me a pm if I ask, well it just made me feel better. I can tell you straight out that if you send me a pm, I will respond. And now that I've seen your name a few times (I've only been here a month), I will try and respond to your threads if you ask.

    There have been several people that have sent me pm's, and to which I have responded that told me I was helpful. I'm willing to give it a try if you want.
  4. Regenesis

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    So what?I don't give a FUCK about others as well.
  5. pither

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    I know how you feel. It is fucking hilarious, I agree. It's so fucking funny that friends go from being attached at the hip to not returning your calls to not willing to piss on you if you were on fire. All my friends have left me. I don't know why. They just don't talked to me me anymore. I email and nothing comes back. I run into them places and we briefly catch up, but nothing ever comes of it.

    That's not even the funny part. My best and only friend is the only one who never pulled shit on me, or stabbed me in the back, or left my side. Yet he's the one all my other friends couldn't stand. They all hated his guts. Well fuck um. He's the only one who talks to me and still hangs out with me. All them other asses can rot, I know who has my fucking back and it sure as hell isn't them.

    People are assholes. End of story. It's constantly proven day in and day out. Everyone's out for themselves. Hopefully you can find that one person who will stay by your side not matter what crazy shit comes your way. But until then, just hang in there and realize that people are shit and it's all they know-

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    i m guilty of being one of those statistics that 'view but dont respond'. it isnt a q of why do people view if they have no answers. unless u view someone's post u really dont know if u have the answers.

    i rarely ever post - i send PMs. and i send PMs to posts that affect me - where i can relate to what the other person is experiencing. i dont feel comfortable replying to every post i read. there are some that i really dont relate to and i feel insincere in replying when i dont think i have anything to say.

    n most times i dont know what to say. and will passing a :hug: each time suffice.. bcos thats the only thing i can think of :(