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where i come from

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J Keen, Exeter
In July 1974 my friend, my brother and myself all saw a silver cigar shaped UFO above the football pitch in Combe Martin in broad daylight at about 6.30 in the evening. It was about 50yds from where we hid watching it and was hovering silently at about 30ft from the ground. It was a shiny silver in colour and had 5 circular shapes or port holes on the side, a dome or fin on the blunt end and a wire or rope with sparks coming from the lower half of the blunt end of the cigar shape. It first appeared as a shiny speck in the sky and was above the football pitch in a few seconds. When it went it drifted silently away following the contours of the hill above the football pitch. Someone else must have seen this, but as I have recieved nothing but ridicule when mentioning this I suppose others may not want to admit it. Combe Martin has been a site of many UFO sightings and weird phenomenon, Holdstone Down was always a good place to spot an odd light in the sky or on the ground there.
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