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    Living in Pain

    Made mistakes, I can't live in the past.

    But it keeps rearing its ugly face.

    I depend on people, other people depend on me.

    I can't die because they have no-one else, both the depender's and the dependees.

    I won't give up, I want to win

    Giving up is easy, taking the pain is hard.

    Life isn't fair. I expected it to be. Pretty dim.

    Someday I'll be free, and I hold the card.

    I was ugly then I bettered my looks.

    I was a fat addict, then i became fit and sober.

    I was poor, then i became rich, then i became poor

    I was alone and then found somebody

    I was smart, i became smarter

    I am in pain again, I can do it again

    Do it again

    Do it again

    Do it again
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    Nice writing, :hug:
  3. NoMoneyToPlease

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    You CAN do it.

    I believe in you stranger. :)