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Where in the world are you?

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Hi everyone
This is a game to find out where your name leads you in the world.

Take the first 6 letters of your nickname or any word(s) that appeal to you.
Now convert the letters to numbers using your phones keypad.
D,E,F=3 and so on
Got it? Ok now go to this cool Mapquest site:

for example: my nicks first six letters gentle=436853

I am at Baksapenok near the Ukraine.

Type those six numbers in the lat and long boxes. Same numbers for both lat and then long.
Now see where that takes you!!


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With JimmyB : 546692

I am right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean...:blink:

Using my real name however I am again somewhere in some sea or ocean, I see nothing but water...

But I think I did it wrong anyway.:mellow:
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