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Where is god when you need him soo bad? Hes left me on my own to fight these demons

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by introuble, Jun 4, 2013.

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  1. introuble

    introuble Member

    Well Im still here, trying to hold on! Its time to let go, I cant take this pain, this constant misery and this faking anymore, Im so tired of being here!! The only thing that stopped me was my daughter, my sweet daughter. As ive thought about it, shes better off without me, and better off with me in her life. She knows Ive tried before, but to stay here and have her see me this way is just as bad, I can see the disappointment in her eyes, it just kills me!!! Its too hard to fake it anymore, I just dont have the strenght to try to stay here and fight!!! My energy has left and my hope for it to get better has gone now, it hasnt got better, only worse!!! My family is not a close one, they wont even care until after, then everyone seems to care! SO sad but true in my case. Noone wants to listen or care, everyone is so busy with there life and just tired of being around me, I bring them down and they dont want to see this person Ive become, I dont blame them! My beliefs are gone now too, Ive prayed and asked for help from god, hes not here anymore for me, only this empty, dark, awful place, you never want to be here, there are no words for it. I wish it could be different, so different. Where is god? WHY cant he see I need him sooo bad right now!!!
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Re: Where is god when you need him soo bad? Hes left me on my own to fight these demo

    You hun fight those demons by keeping your mind on the one that god gave you your precious daughter. NO NO she would not be better off without you being on the other side of suicide i can tell you there is only pain and guilt and sadness when the ones we love leave that way. You keep talking to us ok you reach out toyour doctor you keep fighting for YOU and for your daughter h ugs
  3. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    Re: Where is god when you need him soo bad? Hes left me on my own to fight these demo

    Been there, more times than I like to remember.
    I think, when we are in a dark place, we don't let anything in, let alone God.
    Try, if you can, to stop entreating God and after asking for help, sit quietly and let the reply come through.
    It doesn't always work, but often enough for at least a try.
  4. SuicideSurvivor87

    SuicideSurvivor87 New Member

    Re: Where is god when you need him soo bad? Hes left me on my own to fight these demo

    As a child that lost her father to suicide as a child, and formerly suicidal, I am begging you NOT to do this. Your child will suffer beyond imaginable belief, my head is still really screwed up and not understanding WHY I wasn't worth the fight, why he didn't stick it out for me because I needed him. Parents are the most important people in their childrens lives. You may not realize this now, but people love you and need you. The best thing to do is see a psych or doctor. Keep reaching out to God and ask him to heal your wounds, he will listen! I know exactly how you feel, I to have a daughter and I will fight for her, I cannot do to her what I went through it isn't fair, your life is worth living, we all hit rock bottom but I promise you it gets better. Keep praying to God, I will pray for you. Please don't make such a permanent decision on a temporary problem, it isn't worth it. I know for a fact my father regrets the decision he made, so many people still grieving his loss. You are worth it!
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