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where is the crisis support

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I don't want azz kissin stuff like keeep ur chin up crap my doctors dropped my pain meds now I am seriously in pain but I had to complain so much I am now labeld drug seeking I am done fighting done complaining done living the rest of my meds will see me off so be careful advising beople to be persistent cus now I am phucked so bad I am commiting suicide tonight maybe drs will treat people like me with compassion and not god complex. Bs. Sometimes addiction is a risk that needs to be taken and I want to have a law written to change these rules I would buy online if it were legal and regulated. Feeling woozy now so peace out yall

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If your doctor is not helping you then get a new doctor go to hospital emergency and talk to someone about your pain. See a pain specialist but OD will not show the doctors anything okay Get a new doctor one that will get you the specialist you need hun to help you.
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