Where should I go on vacation?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Retardedperhaps, May 11, 2008.

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  1. Hello. Im new to the forum.

    I was actualy planning to overdose on <Mod Edit: Methods>, but then i read somewhere that <Mod Edit: Reason: Methods> and a lot of other prescription-drugs (at least where I am you need to go to the doctor to get them) does not make you sleep in, but instead gives you a slow and painfull death that takes beetween one and two weeks after a knockout that lasts for some hours. I could go to the doctor and say Im having troubble sleeping, and then slowly gather sleeping-pills innstead - but Im not in the mood for lying (because I have no problem sleeping) and so I have decided to wait until winter returns, so that I can do a combination of - <Mod Edit: Method> that should be pleasant and quick. Kind of cold at first, but that should stop quite soon, If Im not wearing lots of layers of clothing, and I pick a night where it is minus 10 or colder. I have already pickt out the spot, a small hill out in the forest that has a good view over the place I live. If I die inside it will be bad because I dont want to spend my last time in my crappy room, steering at the ceeling, and since it will probably take some time before annyone finds me, its much better mid-winter, perhaps I will be deep-freezed and preserved up til next summer. This will offcourse not happen If it do it now at summertime (because of the paracetamol slow-painfull-death discovery) so its a extra bonus by waiting

    Annyway, since I didnt do that this winter (I was gathering pills innstead, believing I could do it at summertime) there is now a void of six month waitingtime.

    So I should go on a hollyday or something, but I have no idea where to go, or what to do. It should be somewhere cheap, because I would like it to last for a while on my money. It should be a quiet place with a beach, and perhaps some tourist-stuff to look at.

    Anny hollydaytips? Is my posting braking forum-regulations? I saw that one shouldnt tell annyone to kill themself, but my post is perhaps just as bad because it gives hint on how to do, or not do it. Im sorry if Im braking the rules, Im not trying to be mean. But back to the topic:

    Anny hollydaytips?

    (I will be cool to chat with other suicidal people by the way. I didnt know forums such as these existed before now. It would be even cooler to debate ways to do it, but im not sure if we can. Can we?)
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    welcome to the forum

    we cannot provide you with methods or links to methods. sf is strictly a pro life forum.

    check out the FAQ section.

    also, why not tell us why you feel the need to end your life :hug: please don't harm yourself
  3. Boored...

    I have had a spinal injury for a long time, and its getting booring because the only things I can do is to study, exercise, and sleep (I can go to parties and such, but I cant stay very long) And now the summerholliday is comming, wich is horrible because I cant study annymore, so boordom will turn into extreme-boordom, like it so often is. That is actualy why I was planning to kill myself BEFORE the hollyday, and not after.

    Offcourse also my girlfriend left me, and blablabla and all that, but its almost a year ago, so I should have gotten over it. Also I wished I had more civiliced friends, because im not in the mental and physical condition requiered to experiment with drugs or getting drunk all the time (If I drink my back hurts A LOT the day after, with marhuana it gets painfull at once, together with the high, wich makes getting high unpleasant) I dont have a lot of social life. I have been playing xbox360 a lot, so much that I now get sick just by looking at it.

    So nothing is working realy.
  4. Also, I have lost faith in fascism - wich I used to be quite fanatical about.

    I have heard that it is very common that political extremists kill them selves after loosing fath in their ideologies - so I will fall nicly into the statistics here.

    But now Im going to the cinema to see "Iron man", alone. Going to the cinema alone is actualy quite nice, when you get used to it.

    Hope nobody kills them selves while Im away:unsure:

  5. Acctualy..

    Writing about my suicideplans make me realice how extremly silly I am. Even to silly to kill my self, wich is a rather silly thing to do (Perhaps pathetic is a better word for it, but its kind of strong, so I prefer to go with silly)

    Iron man was a good movie by the way.
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