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    Ok, not really sure where to begin, there's really a lot of stuff that's been troubling me lately. I'll start with the most recent stuff. Lately my friends have been abandoning me (keep in mind that I am 18 years old, and still in high school). They have been going to parties, throwing parties, and generally having a great time in life, without ever making the effort to include me. They even go so far as to make a point of discussing their parties in front of me. They barely even talk to me anymore, and when they do, it's only to brag about things the know I have yet to experience. These used to be the only people in the world who ever cared about me, and made me rethink doing something terrible to myself about 2 years ago. Now that they refuse to associate with me, I fear that if my insecurities reach a breaking point, I will have no one to depend on. Also, their ignoring me has made me feel even worse about problems I am already struggling with, like the fact that I am heavy and not good looking in the least. Of course there are many other things that have been bothering me, but I'm worried that if things get any worse, I will not have any safety net to fall into... what should I do?
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    Well you are in your last year of school.. After that your friends are all going to drift away in different directions.. Do you plan on going to college?? Or even Junior College?? You will meet new friends there and you will find them to be more mature..Your life is just starting.,.There are plenty of paths you can go down.. Hopefully you will choose a positive one..In the mean time keep posting here and you will find support.. The more you post the more people here will start replying.. It's always slow when you are new..If you need to talk I am online in the mornings.. You can PM me anytime.. When I get it I will get back with you... Take care!!
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    Try getting out joining new clubs new groups so you can make friends with your same interest. Join a fitness club even if your weight bothers you Get out of the circle your in and try to meet new people. College will be so much better new faces new interest hang in okay glad your here
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