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Where to post when we are having a good day?

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For soem reason today i am extra happy, :) i have been enjoying my comments, it is kinda what i live for, playing with words :)

i play this game minecraft, and some one made a mine shaft,
and i was like shaft don't u mean rod, mine rod, i love using wrong words that sometimes have similar definitions, though i am a math guy not an english person so spelling the words always gets me,

but anyways, i was having a good day and wanted to share it and i have no idea where to share it,

i wonder maybe there is a forum for people who are haves extra happy days :)
i notice my headach, but it doesn't bother me when i am happy and laughing,

i might see my friend in a few days :) and i got music playing :) listen to my favorite song a few times :) went on a bike ride :)

these moments are why people do not believe i could ever be suiocidal :) life is so amazing right now, lol i did these exact same things yesterday, yet yesterday did not seem so amazing, i so happy, but anyways maybe i should try to bottle this hapiness and release it someother time when i need it :) i wish there was a way i could do that :)

hmm one can only put 10 smileis in their posts, lol i tried to put 11 but had to remove one


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I'm glad you're feeling well! I'm not sure where you can post either if you want to let out your happiness! How about the "Let it out.." section of this forum. I know there's a "How are you feeling right now" thread in the Coffee House or somewhere, but I'm sure others know better places! :D

Looking forward to hearing more ideas and suggestions! :IrishDoll:


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I have been struck with the fact that a lot of my posts on SF have been positive. During the past thousand decades, I would have smeared oatmeal over the posts of anybody who even threatened to have a happy day... And then I was manic; everything was pink and beautiful. Everything was carnations and hope, valentines and the deep blue sea. But there was a difference. Psychosis and hospitalization. Hallucination. Long, long nights awake to save the world and write the Novel. Bankruptcy.

My life now is a new thing. I have hope without the whipped cream. I have bad days. I have terrible, drawn-out screamer days when I want to live under the bed. I take medicine every single day of my life. But there is a difference. I have hope. I sleep at night. I talk to people (not a lot, but some). And sometimes somebody shows a bit more of the way: This week, I was grousing about how the people I grew up with were evil; in the guise of religion, they hurt people, they neglected my brother and me, they lied, they didn't protect us. So, the logical conclusion is that genetically speaking I was going to do the same thing. I was going to depressed and lie about it; I was destined to wrap people in criticism and superiority. Such a person should and will be dead. That was one of my main triggers, right up there next to, "I am the ugliest person in the world and I would make the world that much better if I were dead."

A friend showed me that was what I ws doing: assuming genes are inevitable; people can't change and grow and find more effective attitudes. I can't follow that logic anymore. Life is a game (a tumbling laughing bruiser of a hard-fought game). You play it, or lose it. You change and grow, or stop (at which time you drag people with you). This is harsh, but I have earned it. I've been in the hospital enough, been freaking alone enough, screaming and cutting in the dark enough, drunk and confused, and I have earned the right to have a good day.
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