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    I'm so lost without you
    I just don't know anymore
    You can't show me where to go
    Cause you broke your promise

    Don't go where I can't follow
    You did and I'm so lost
    I can't find my way through the dark
    Because you used to be my light

    I know you would want me to go on
    But each day its getting harder to
    Every day is like a trial
    And I'm loosing my will to go on

    In my dreams I am with you again
    Back to the way it should be
    But in the morning when i wake
    You are gone again

    What I'd give to feel your touch
    Your hair against my face
    To be in your arms again
    I'll tell you, Everything

    Was written months ago a few weeks after the love of my life killed himself. I miss him everyday and i still cry for him. Sometime I think its hard to move on but I feel that he would want me to and I'm trying.

    I love you Seth, Sleep with the angels baby...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.