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Where will I end up?..

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The Unforgiven

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I really don't know what to do anymore.. Went to party with my family last night.. Was nice going, but by the time I was to come back I grew despondent beyond belief.. Don't blame anyone.. Idk what to say. Why am I like this, why an I never respond to peoples taunts? Why do I go into these crowds where I can't hold my own and play verbal cat and mouse? And why am I so nervous around these perfect people who brim with confidence about their perfect lives??..


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Who cares about these people who only care and gloat about themselves. Ignore them like they are vermin and just be stronger for yourself

The Unforgiven

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thanks.. yeah i know what you mean.. its just that every time, once in a couple of months i leave the home and college loop, my inadequacies just hit me the face like a sack of potatoes.

total eclipse

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Hun you are who you are don't get down on yourself okay I am happy you got out with your family and hope you can get out again soon. Not everyone can be so outgoing. Did you know people who are quiet listen more and take in more You are a listener that all like me hugs to you

don't be so hard on yourself, as others said, at least you can get out. Other people are other people, not us, not you. I understand what you mean about inadequacies - but don't forget - others are thinking that too about themselves even though they will "act" (appear) to be happy as larry and full of confidence.
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