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  1. WHERE

    As the hunger sets in

    I feel my stomach

    Feel it churning.

    I don't know where I am

    But I have been here before.

    I don't know when

    Nor do I know why

    I think it has been a week

    A week since i have eaten

    My stomach is churning

    Churning and roaring

    Just as I can't recall where I am

    I dont know where I was before

    Or who I am

    What do I do?

    Where am I from?

    Fuck, what is my name?

    Race through my dillusional mind.

    As I look at my surroundings

    And remember seeing them before

    Now I just don't know when

    Could it have a year ago,

    a month, a day, a week?

    Where the hell am FI?

    What is happening to me?

    I look down at my clothes

    Huh, white shirt, white sweats

    white shoes.

    I am going nuts.

    Where am I ?

    How did I get here?

    Will i get out?

    Do I even want out?

    I sit in silence

    Wearng all white

    Being able to think one thing

    The only thing I can think is

    What in the hell?


Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.