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Where's Vik

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Has anyone seen or talked to Vikki ? If you do tell see her in chat or speak to her on here or msn, could you ask her to let me know she is ok as I'm getting worried. :sad:
Devvie :hug: , I send her a text message today because i was worried too. Gladly I got a one back. And unfortunately she's not doing to good and taking a break. It was getting all too much, she couldnt cope it :sad: So now she's trying to get some school work done etc. I dunno if I got it and explained it right, but it was something like that.
Sorry for worrying you Terry. I did send you an email today not sure if you got it yet. Blubs is right, im not doing well at all :sad: feeling very bad to be honest. Thought it was best if i wasn't around anyone for awhile, then i got the text from blubs, so i let her know i was allright then i read your email and replied to it. I wouldn't expect to see me around that much, recently i've come pretty close to doing something stupid and i'm still feeling pretty bad so its probably for the best if i not talk to anyone about it.

Sorry for worrying you both.

Viks xxx

ps. sorry for my last post, i was too chicken shit to do anything :sad:
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Glad to know you are okay vikki, even if things aren't so good right now. Take time away to do what needs to be done so you can come back to us. :hug:
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