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which computer speakers should i get?

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the ones i have now are on there way out (or, i should really say that someone's messed with them so much they won't even work properly) and i'm thinking about getting some new speakers but not really sure what ones i should go for.

what ones would you suggest?. what ones have you used and have lasted a long time for you.

Vanilla Sky

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It really depends on how much you want to spend. If you can afford it buy B&W's MM1'S. They are £400 but they are pretty much the best computer speakers money can buy. If that's too expensive then check out Harmon Kardon. If you search T3,Cnet and Stuff you should be able to find some reviews which might help you make your choice...


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This is what I got and I recomend it for the price range.


I like professional monitors for the sound fidelity. I want to hear what the author of the piece of music wanted me to hear not what the speaker engineers *think* I want to hear. All speakers from logitech, etc, are pretty much crap and some are quite expensive. If you like to listen to music I would get some low end monitors else just get something cheap but that's just me.
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