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I have been binge watching old(ish) TV and I got to the Mentalist and realised that I feel a strong connection with the main character, he is strange, dysfunctional, playful, fun, intelligent, but carries beneath it all a deep reservoir of sadness. He genuinely enjoys himself, but he is never truly away from the sadness, and aside from the intensity of the character (the extreme level of his intelligence, and the cause and severity of his sadness) I feel like I can communicate with this character, like we share a connection, and I realised this is another fun way to evaluate your own self condition:

Which fictional character do you most communicate with? Or put a little differently: Which fictional character are you?

Now I figure this thread will fizzle out like most of mine, but lets see if we can have fun with this whilst it lasts, list the Character you communicate with, the Show he/she is from, and Why.


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Out of everything I watched I relate to "barbie" from "barbies diaries (2006)" lol. Basically a self-doubting and insecure person, loyal to her friends and into fashion and shopping etc.
I could also relate to Rachel from Friends. All the immature characters I suppose.
Dexter (the one from HBO, not the one from Nickelodeon). Not for the homicidal tendencies but for the inability to feel, for feeling I am different to everyone else, and the fear that I would be cast out from society were it to become known.
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