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Which is worse..


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...when you're looking for a relationship - being extremely attractive, or extremely ugly?

If you're extremely attractive, you might never know if someone loves you for who you are, or is just using you. Also, your partner might not like the attention you get from others.

However, there are plenty of arguments for the opposite.

What do you think?


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To be honest any relationship based soley on looks is doomed to fail... so I'm thinking it would be worse to be extremely attractive since there is that possibility that your "significant other" may only be in the relationship based on looks. I'm not saying its like that for every attractive person...


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It really hasnt got any thing to do with looks.
If you feel good about yourself and what your doing - this will radiate to others around you - you can be very attractive and be a very selfish mean merson inside - who would want to be with someone like that... on the other hand you can be what is termed
"ugly" by very very shallow people but if you have something in you that you know is good and you enjoy your life then you will undoubtedly draw people to you.

Now - when people are depressed they feel very unsure and im talking about myself here
feel ugliness within - I know this is true - and i know the ugliness within permeates to everything i see - when i feel good inside i generally love and understand more.


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I think that people get more pragmatic as they get older, and if people were are only interested in attractive partners when they are younger, you'll often see them widening their horizons as they get older. Several of my friends (both male and female) have dated really good looking partners, and then settled down with someone quite plain.

I'll tell you one thing that I've noticed, is that positivity helps loads more than what I realised. I know it's not always easy to be positive, especially if you're feeling unwell; but I have been really upbeat recently and I seem to be getting more interest than usual from the ladies. Weird.

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