Which phone numbers are good for me?

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  1. ShyGuyDeluxe

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    kay I made a video of me dropping a printer on my head on youtube after an online girl said I was "manipulating her" from my bi-polar online friend calling her mean things @_@. I wanted her to see the pain I felt when she made it sound like I'm someone that manipulates girls, so I made that video..

    But now my parents are freaking out.

    For a 26 year old, who has a license but no car and doesn't really drive much, but has REALLY OBSESSIVE parents that everyone says overly babies me, and now they said their going to give me "3 New Rules" tomorrow that their too tired to discuss tonight because of how Big they are.. For someone like me, what's a good Phone Number to call to help me?

    Again, for a 26 year old guy with weird parents that keep acting like I'm a child and giving me tons of rules and restrictions, who do I call if I feel very bad from like my parents and their rules or something? My dad works at a mental center and keeps holding me tight and Restricting me if I ever argue back. aa
  2. total eclipse

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    You are 26 time to get yourself out from under their rule and make a life for yourself get a job and get a place where you are the ruler not them If you are in crisis then call a crisis line and talk to someone ok but get away from them if you can
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