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hi there. this is Sal from Italy. after reading something on your forum i decided to sign up, also because i could find nothing interesting in italian. your forum seems, despite of its name, lively.
hope i can express some of me and my thoughts on here, what i'm being through, and also be of help for someone, who knows. peace.
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Welcome to the site hun. I hope you get all the support and friendship you are looking for. I am always up for a chat with you if you'd like me as a friend. :) :hug:

Take care and looking forward to getting to know you. :)


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:welcome: to SF. You are right when you said we are a lively bunch. We are very active on the boards and around. I hope you like what you find and feel at home here. :hug:


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Hi Sal. Welcome to the site.:smile: Yes we can be "lively" here on Suicide Forum, but there are also forums for expressing thoughts and feelings that are not so lively. I'm sure you'll make some good friends here.:smile:

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