Who are the psychiatric services about? The patients or the psychiatrists?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by scareddude, Sep 12, 2014.

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  1. scareddude

    scareddude Well-Known Member

    This really pisses me off.

    I've been turned down for employment support allowance.

    I need this money to eat.

    I have serious psychiatric illnesses.

    Makes me wonder who the psychiatric services are about. The patients who need treatment and about 5k a year to survive, or the psychiatrists who "need" 100k a year for having memorised textbooks and making diagnoses I made myself before seeing them.

    I'd take 5k a year over my ****ty medication. 5k a year would actually be more use to me than these ****ty medications.
  2. randomguy9

    randomguy9 Put's the "Pro" in Profanity

    The other side of it is how much money the doctors paid in order to learn all they did... and each member of the staff is getting a paycheck.

    Unfortunately money is a part of everything in this world...

    With that said, I don't see why anyone would go through he process to learn all they do, and do the job they do if they didn't have a heart to help people. It isn't an eays line of work, it takes years to train for...

    I know in my case, doctors and providers have given me an opportunity I wouldn't have had without them. Depression, and the past had me crippled... I still fall back to that at times, but I know that if I ever make any progress I will owe thanks to them.
  3. scareddude

    scareddude Well-Known Member

    In the UK, doctors can get all their education on the NHS for free.
  4. Event_Horizon

    Event_Horizon SF Supporter

    Hi Scared, psychiatric services have nothing to do with ESA. They detest the system just as much as you do. As it is resulting in destitution and suicides and is set to be investigated by the UN. If you were seen by any one you were seen by a morally bankrupt midwife or physiotherapist who has no mental health training and is allowed to assume you have imaginary medication that works with no side effects. I am not joking.


    The system is rigged and so you need help. So before I devolve into a frothing rant of hatred for these people, here are some useful sites for you. Be aware this is time crucial to get a consideration claim in as soon as possible. I am betting though you have not been informed of anything remotely useful. These bastards trade on ignorance. You have a right to dignity.

    Okay first link is to Fightback. They have some useful guides and explanations as to what you do in your circumstances.


    Next is Mind. Who have condemned the whole work capability assessment and even walked out on government consultations in disgust. They have a help line and some areas have local drop in centres. You are more likely to get help from mind than C.A.B. As c.a.b is drowning in peoples needs and it is a bit of a lottery if you can be seen or not. Mind can maybe even help you strengthen yourself for what is essentially a demoralising experience. Or even get you an advocate.


    Here is C.A.B you can look up where one is local to you.


    Lastly and I put this last as you have to pay for it. £20 for a years access. But Benefits and Work has the best most up to date guides going, with a break down of every question and how it is designed to trip you up. When I was functioning I used them often to get my clients what they are owed. It explains to you what the job centre is reluctant to tell you, and it also tells you how to deal with appeals and tribunals. Make no mistake this system is rigged and so you have to play it against itself to get anywhere.


    Because if you can lift a carton of milk you can build a space rocket, gain a spontaneous grasp of physics and work in space Mc Donalds for minimum wage on a zero hour contract...

    I wish you all the best, don't let these bastards grind you down.
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