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    I see this happen time and time again. People offer to help and talk to you and when you do they sooner or later don’t want to talk to you or aren’t interested anymore. Why bother offering help if you aren’t willing to listen to someone and really converse with them. Instead I just get ignored, or I never hear from someone again. It makes me angry, that someone can waste my time like that, giving people false hope. When you are at the lowest with your depression no one wants to be by your side, they only want to be next to you when everything is going ok. When I hear about people being offered help but they push it away or reject it, it pisses me off. Here I am reaching out to people only to be ignored, I feel like such waste. Am I not good enough to be spoken to? am I not good enough to be helped? am I too negative? am I too honest?

    When I talk to people and tell them how I am feeling and about my problems they sooner or later stop talking to me, what are they expecting to hear? they offered to listen and speak with me, I have to be honest, I’m not going to lie because that would be a waste of everyone's time. So if someone doesn't want to help people and hear their honesty then why pretend you would? Please don’t. I always love to hear about other people and what they are going through in their lives. I don’t mind if it’s negativity, anger, or whatever it is, I am always willing to listen and give feedback. I am extremely loyal. But yet people never come to me for that. Not to be big headed but I honestly think I could make a very good friend, better than most people, but no one wants my friendship, no one wants that deep, solid relationship, they just want the superficial, what could benefit them.
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    Sorry to hear you feel ignored that is the worse in my book!
    Let me ask you is this in real life or SF?

    I talk to a fair number of SF people on a regular basis and have for sometime and my advice is always the same...we just can't expect friends and family to understand how we feel....it just never works out the way we would like it to...or sure there are a few good open and honest talks but in the end they get scared away and I have seen it happen time and time again. I don't for one minute believe it is because they don't care I believe it is because they simply do not know what to say or do. They do care I really see and believe that.

    I don't know if what I said has helped you at all, hopefully made a bit of sense and helped put things in perspective for you..I hope.

    Please know if you would like to talk to me I am around a lot and I don't scare off with intense emotions/thoughts... I will give you my heartfelt best.

    To summarize this whole bit basically lean on your friends here as we understand much better than those in real life and if you are needing real life contact I suggest a therapist in addition to SF ....we are here for you.

    Take care and feel free to contact me...B
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    Thanks. It is with people in general, both in real life and online, no one from SF though.

    It's not even that people don't understand, people just ignore me, nobody wants to talk to me........fuck it.