who are you (im mad and could trigger - please be safe)

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  1. vbuk

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    how dare you? you talk to me like im filth. look at me like im so so under you. ive worked there for three years. im next in line to be management. and you you son of a bitch - you are so god dam perfect. you think you are so so good - just cos u were management where u used to work. you are not here.

    today you made me so mad. i just wanted to cry. how dare you. you cant stand knowing that i know more than you. you make the shop look so stupid by not knowing anything but pretending you do. i just want you to get out of my face.

    when i started there i worked my socks off. i cleaned all the time. i made that shop look good. cleaning is so far below you isnt it. you would rather stand there in the middle of the shop looking important. stop it just STOP it. i hate you! i know so much more but get stuck in the wrong places - you tell the customers aload of shit and i lose sales.

    you look at me like im filth and im sick of it. if im such a horrible bitch then fair enough - but i know that myself - dont need ur stuck up face telling me.

    i asked you to do somethign today and you ignored me. im nothing aint i. im scum. how dare you. i want you gone. now. get out of my work. i hate you.

    you made me so mad that i went and punched hell out of the wall. ur hurting me u bastard. i hate you. get out of my life.

    (this is to a guy i work with - nobody here. i just needed to write. need to scream. i feel so so sick)
  2. vbuk

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    am i really such a bad person? i try so hard to be a better person. a better friend. and i really this bad
  3. RunningAway

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    You do not sound like a bad person at all vbuk. It sounds as if you had a very frustrating day :hug: If you would ever like to talk I will listen :)

  4. kath

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    i am sorry that you have had such an upsetting time.i hope it has helped at least a little to get some of this out.im sorry you have to work in such a difficult situation.It must be very stressful.i hope things get better and you can begin to enjoy your work more again.
  5. RainbowChaser

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    You are a wonderful person hunny :hug: