who do you turn too when everyone else has rejected you?

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    where am i suppose to go to for my pain management? my own doctor gives me these pills that dont work, the exercises they want me to do i cant because they hurt when i do them. am i just suppose to sit here in pain forever? i am about to start looking online for drug companies that sell highly potent painkillers so i can have some relief... i cant keep going back to the hospital every other week, they will just reject me...
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    Carbie, sounds rough, hun! I'm sorry you're in pain.

    I don't if painkillers re supposed to take away all the pain or just make it "manageable." Being humans, we don't want ANY pain and even some pain makes us think the pills aren't working. Perhaps you could ask the doctor what level of pain you expect to feel even when you take a painkiller. Maybe the doctor doesn't realize the extent of your pain.

    Yes, I can see how exercises could hurt. I had a sprained ankle that I had start walking on so it would get strong again. It still hurt, but as I used it, it became stronger. I wonder if the painful exercises you are to do are meant to stretch and manipulate the damaged tissues in normal ways so they don't freeze up. Yes, it can hurt a LOT to do the exercises, but it's not causing more damage, it's just making sure that the damaged part gets worked "normally." The exercises, even though they hurt, make things stronger again so the injury is less likely to happen again, too.

    Go back to the doctor and explain the situation just as you did above. Maybe you could even print that out and show the doctor. It sounds like you want a solution. Being willing to talk out a plan with the doc and explain your side could help.

    I hope you feel better soon.
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    Pain management is difficult for Doctors now because they need to contend with the people that need it, the people that are trying to scam it and now the DEA that runs reports to see which Doctors are prescribing and are convinced nobody needs it. My pain management Dr does a urinalysis every visit and drops any patient that tests positive for any drug he did not prescribe, including marijuana or alcohol. The exchange is he is reasonable about what he can prescribe because he has something to support belief that he is not prescribing to addicts (which technically is not true because simple fact is anybody that is on stronger opiates for an extended time is addicted, but I guess is "controlled" ).

    If you cannot find a Dr that will prescribe adequate pain medication you may want to consider alternative treatments like acupuncture, massage, or hypnosis. To be honest I tried the first two with no good results, and never gave serious consideration to the third but that is my personal issues and others have had good luck with all. Most pain relievers, especially opiate based, lose effectiveness over time. If you have been on the same pain reliever and it is not working at all anymore try not taking it for a week. If it is not working it will not make much difference but then when you take again it may be more effective.

    Most of the internet drug companies are scam, and all are illegal leaving you in jeopardy of adding the pain of international drug smuggling charges to your other issues if they are anything but sugar pills packaged in china when you get them. Please consider a different method of obtaining pain meds than that.

    Take Care and Be Safe

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    i wanna thank you two for your support and advice... as of right now i am going to wait it out and try some exercises if i can over the next 2 weeks. if i dont feel much improvement i will go back to the docs and hopefully he will understand how bad i fell and maybe offer some therapy options
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    Just another thought on the exercises side of things....

    When we first do exercise and use muscles that we are not familiar with having used recently - it does take time to adjust, and they will usually ache. As an example if I was to go lifting weights for the first time in months - I'd feel my arms hurt the following day, purely because those muscles are rarely used for that level of exertion, but given time, the amount of pain would go down as the muscles got used to the process.

    The same would apply to having a fall and re-strengthening as Acy mentioned. Someone coming off crutches back into walking, may hurt their foot/leg first few times of doing it - but it would eventually ease (if not, returning to the doctor is not a crime).

    And if the prescribed pain medication is having no effect, that needs to be consulted with a doc - if the one prescribing doesn't seem to want to listen, seek a secondary opinion.
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    I am so sorry you are in pain...I know this might be a stupid question but have you told your doc the pills don't work? can you get injections? I have a neighbor that gets cortison injections in her knee for the pain, and she also takes pills though...and she rubs creams too...I wish I could help you further...

    I know the feeling though, when I said to my doctor I had bone pain, she ignored me and did other things so I got nothing...