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Who else is very dependent?

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I'm sure there are others like me on this forum that are very "weak", and dependent on others to function and survive. I'm sure its acceptable if you suffer from an illness and may need care. People in general can understand that.

I guess for me, where I look like a normal, healthy, 24-year old, if they see me as not strongly independent, they will laugh me out of the room. To be fair, maybe I just suffer from mental illnesses which are less apparent.

For instance, I'm scheduled to take a trip to India in September, (I may decide to cancel it though). I'm going with my dad and cannot imagine going otherwise without him as my guide, translator, etc.. Whereas there are many that don't know the language at all and can visit there just fine. I can understand a fair bit but speak extremely little.

I've had the easy life, and I'll bet my parents have pampered and babied me too much, they'd admitted to it rarely. They've taken care of me, so maybe that's why I've had little need for friends, interactions, etc. I've just safely stayed in my home, my fortress of solitude. I think its also due to Indian culture that parents will baby their children more than "normal". But for instance, I cannot imagine moving out and living on my own at all. Whereas others would laugh themselves to death seeing that I cannot do that, especially at my age.

I just feel like such a weakling, a spineless worm. I actually think of committing suicide when I move out of their house as I'd literally have no support. I wonder if there are any others in my shoes?
Hey man. I'm 20 and in the same boat. My parents now tell me they spoiled me when I was younger which is probably true. I guess if you have too good of a childhood, that makes you have a shitty adult life or at least be depressed and have to work through it. Maybe always being given everything has made me unappreciative, or less likely to work

Is it earning money that would keep you from moving out? for me, thats probably it. I cant hold a job even though I have a child and a wife who I want to divorce. Or is it the pain of trying to take care of business and bills and all the crap that comes with adult life?

Finally, are you using any drugs? After abusing marijuana for 6 years (still doing it) I am unable to function without it, yet I think I could probably kick the habit if I wasnt so beaten-down from my life experiences and my marraige in the first place. Im sure with a week or two off I could quit, but I cant get that week to go smoothly. Ive been trying to for about 2 years

I guess I just asked you questions and slightly hijacked your thread but....im in the same boat as you


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Hun! :hug: my son is 28 and still very very reliant on me.
He is just making baby steps to a more independant life and as hard as it is, I've had to toughen up so that he cuts the apron strings a bit.
Let your parents know you need the support but also need to start becoming more independant, thats what my son did and he's gone from baby steps to making strides. :smile:


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same here

but lets not take it negatively. Instead.. jus look at it from a positive view point.. many dnt even hav the loving n carin family dat u have n u r blessed wid it.. make da most of their love...
n dnt worry.. ull figure life out on ur own .. once they r totally out of your world. lik if u shift to a diff country n take da risk.
dats wad i m gona do soon.. makes me wana cry though... cuz i knw ill miss my parents more den eva.. but hey dis is life..u gotta let go of smth in order to get something else...
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