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Who hates their job?

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Im a chef. The hours are crap, the pay is minimal, the pressure is tough, the work is dirty. I'm always serving happy looking people in buissness suits whilst im dreaming of a well paying office job where the work is relaxed and the pay is good. But my GCSE's are barely adequate, and i just fear for my future workwise.

Anyone else feel this way about their job?
Most of the time I enjoy what I do. But there are times i hate everything about it. These are the times I have to step back and be thankful that I do have employment and things could be worse.
I do. Who wouldn't hate a job where you're treated like dirt? Guess that goes with being "The baby" huh? I don't mind the actual work.. but the people!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't hate my job but I do find it very difficult sometimes. It's the social side I find difficult rather than the job itself. I often used to wonder could I do this job or that job? I think I'll stick in this line of work even if I don't stay at my current job forever. I work in a biochemistry lab. I think I would like to do a PhD some day. I graduated 6 years ago and I get paid ok at the moment and to be fair to my work they are very supportive, I was off sick for nearly 2 months over the summer.
I do worry if I'll be able to support myself for the rest of my life. That is one of my biggest worries because if I didn't have to work I would just become a hermit :)
Sorry you don't like your job, I don't think anyone would mind if you thought about a career change though. No harm in thinking about what you would like to do and maybe getting some more qualifications while you work as a chef.


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When i had a job :rolleyes: it was ok.. the work itself was pretty boring, but the people were really nice and it was a great team spirit. But of course then they decided to outsource our jobs to India and make us redundant! So now i'm looking for another job... :unsure:


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I dont currently work. I have done a few things here and there. My longest lasting job was a delivery driver and that was crap, they stuffed me around big time, although when I was really sick they understood and helped out.
Sorry you dont like your job but I think alot of people are in the same position there



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I am a chat mod for a horrible web site that I am starting to believe is an anti-life support site. I hate it.It's very stressful because everyone is always fighting. Maybe you could look into getting a new job. I know I am!
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