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    As Autumn leaves lay across soft grass,
    Forming a sweet collage of brown on green.
    A view is made in a class of its own,
    With wind rustling quietly through branches above.

    A quiet noise of engines coasting past
    Create an ambience perfectly untouched.
    The low sun shining through broken clouds,
    Like lights engrossed in mist.

    Pathways trodden into dirt leave signs,
    That still, here, people roam.
    A statue lays behind me commemorating events,
    That have long since outgrown human memory.

    Trees dot around creating a picture so perfect,
    As beautiful as a new baby's first smile.
    Faint noises of footsteps in the distance,
    Soothes the chaotic mess that I've long since forgotten.

    In a world we know contains so much bad,
    A picture like this stands right in the centre.
    It makes us remember not everything is gone,
    And somehwere in lands untouched; happiness can be found.

    Birds sing their happy song,
    That carries through the air.
    Sweetening sounds already pitch perfect,
    Transforming distant cries into soft breathing.

    Who knew that a world so dark and riddled with crime still maintained a virgin beauty like this?

    Author :- Fred (Matt's Alter)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.