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    My biospy was ok, I have other problematic areas that are benign and will be checked again in 3 months.....I should be happy that its not serious, or life threatening..but you know what the truth is...I'm not...BF32 was the only person in the WORLD to ask how it went, and YES others did know.

    I see everyone on here making friends, and yeap its my own fault that I've not because I don't go into chat..my own fault YES.

    My own FAULT YES.
    just ignore me, feels like i'm ignored anyway. I try to help the way I am, i try to be "normal" to "fit" in, I just don't. don't even know why i'm posting. This will probably be my last post as I just feel so down, I'm not helping anyone, i'm just taking up space on a server somewhere, wasting ppls' time.

    sorry for everything.
  2. Sa Palomera

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    I don't think you waste space, Lost Child.
    Yes, people tend to make friends more easily through chat, but you can make friends without chat as well. :smile: You can PM back and forth with people who make interesting posts (in your opinion) and maybe eventually swap IM addies? :dunno:

    Please don't leave cos you feel ignored. I think there are some people on here who like you loads. I know I always check your posts when I see you've posted :unsure:

    Take care and be safe, please. :arms:
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    I am glad that things have worked out for you...when my friends do not give me what i want, and I think I deserve what i am asking for, I ask them in the future to be more aware of what I am asking for...most ppl are not mean; they just live in their own world, which is just as messy and chaotic as mine....again, glad the report was a favorable one and here's to continued good health...big hugs, J