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Who knows..

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Every time someone asks what makes me feel.....low, sad, angry...usually my only response is "I don't need an explanation." Who knows...maybe it's my medicine, maybe I have a lot of contempt towards people I know, maybe it's the constant misunderstanding of things I say...I know I'm being pretty vague here, but I just don't know how to explain anything..

My problems started when my brother left this world long ago. It really got bad for me as I grew older, as social anxieties began to become apparent. It just seemed like less and less people really wanted to have anything to do with me. At times, I've wanted to end my life, but my fear that I won't succeed keeps me from...hanging myself with that tie, or jumping off that bridge, or swallowing all those pills that made me feel so dazed..agliophobia is really what keeps me from finishing it.

Well, this message is getting out of hand. I still wish I was dead though


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First I want to say, Welcome to the forums. :hug:

And I agree, everyone has a right to feel the way they do no matter what reasoning it may be. I think sometimes people want to know what is wrong because they want to "fix" it. But for some people, all we need is an ear. Someone to show us the attention and affection we deserve. I hope you find some people here and in life who can give you want you need. And if they can help you further then that, I hope you get that help as well.

Take Care.
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