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Who or what????

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Is your next life predetermined? Do we get to choose who or what we want to be or is some greater force the one that determines for you? Would it be determined by what actions you took or what morals, ethics and values you displayed during this life?

Just for the Hell of it... what or who would you like to come back as.
I'd rather not come back but if I did I would like to be a hermit, isolated away from humaity.


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I'm with total eclipse on this one. Birds seem so distant from everything, they are independant(depends of course :tongue:). If I was not an eagle, I would like to be an owl. :)


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ruppells griffon vulture, obviously without the diclofenac poisoning :smile:

If not that a gyr falcon hunting arctic hare


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Would be someone with a big huge family
And close circle of friends. And a best friend or two.
And be surrounded by lots of people in my life
who love me.
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