Who people are sojudging , and are trying to change others?

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  1. Summer.Rain

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    Especially from my own family, they think they are better then me, they think they know what best for me,
    on daily basis they are telling me how wrong my life is, that everything I do is wrong.
    My dad thinks that im taking meds because im addicted to them, or because im getting high off them.
    My sister thinks that she is better then anyone ales on this planet, center of the damn universe.
    Her husband, a real jerk, thinks hes better then me. He never said it directly, but on occasions when hes mad
    she tend to spit out words that reveal his mind on my status.

    I am sick, yet no one except me admits it.
    My dad think im just lazy, that im taking advantage of him "helping" me, while in reality his help is minor at best.
    For example, few months back, he gave my sister 800$, just so that she will allow him to use her car.
    While I could afford some really good treatment with this money for months!
    This selfish asshole continue to say that all he wants is to help me, yeah right!

    Sometimes I really consider if I should just run away from home, I have no other place to stay at so it means to be homeless for me,
    But its acceptable, im 29 y/o, and there are many at this age range out there with no homes, they were brave enough to run away from the abuse,
    yes im being abused at home, its hard to explain, but I sure feel like im being abused.

    Everything makes me feel so angry, so frustrated.
    it consumes me!
    And i feel so alone, like no one cares, no one want or can help me.
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    Apologies if this seems harsh, but at 29 your family is not obliged to help you at all - you live at home and as it appears you don't have a job, you presumably are not paying rent like you would be if your parents were not supporting you. They are giving you a home - that is not 'minor' assistance. Perhaps your dad did give your sister $800 for use of her car, but needing her car and paying her for its use does not translate into any kind of neglect or abuse for you.

    I am sorry you are sick - and it does sound like you should get some treatment. If you feel you are being abused at home you should move out - then if the attitudes of your parents and sister (and her husband) bother you, you can simply choose not to see them.

    I am sorry you feel alone and like nobody cares - objectively the fact that your parents are still supporting you over a decade after you became an adult suggests they do, in fact, care more than you think they do. Speak to your doctor, find out what help is available to you in your country, and set about helping yourself.

    Take care and stay safe,
    Freya :hug:
  3. Summer.Rain

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    My parents do not support me, i pay them 400$ every month, which is far more then they spend on me.
    I wish i could afford to live by my own or with partners, but the rent costs are at about 700$ for the cheapest shitty apartment, not including food, medical treatment, and transportation fees
    Also, my dad threatens to kick me out of the house, like he did before "because im not doing" what he wants me to do.
  4. Petal

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    Hi summer. It sounds to me from your post that your dad is in fact trying to help you but he doesn't know how to. Maybe he thinks by telling you he will kick you out that somehow you will get better. He most likely does not understand your illness. I see you are in Israel, I have absolutely no clue what options are available to you there but is there any social assistance that could get you new accommodation? If they did not care about you I'm sure they would really have kicked out by now. They are probably worried and think that by threatening to kick you out will somehow make you magically better-it's just they most likely do not understand. The best thing I can think of right now is could you get them to go to an appointment with you so the doctor can explain your condition so they can see you are not just lazy etc..

    I'm sorry you're feeling so down! :hug: