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Who would've known

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I know i've said i wouldn't post here anymore but yet i'm back.
Not because i'm doing worse and not because i'm doing better.
I've got a lot of problems and even if i wanted to i couldn't solve them all. but one of the problems is my lack of friends and a social life.
A while back i got a friend request on a network from an old childhood friend (from about 17 years back) at first i didn't want to accept it cause i was thinking i didn't need people from my youth(i hated that period for several reasons) to come to me to see how good they are doing and how bad i'm doing. But still i did give it a shot after a week or two and send him a message we started talking a bit and while talking a bit about what job, cars etc he said he had a depression, is getting professional help etc...
He's doing fine now he says.
It's strange how you can realize you're wrong about what people would think.
We said to meet sometime for a drink and catching up a bit. maybe I can get an old friend back, who knows : )
Looks like trying to be a bit more social works. I realised a while ago nothing will change if i only hang out with my good friends that are married allready and have kids etc. they're great people and i don't want to loose them as friends for any money in the world but the fact I realised last few weeks is that if i keep myself trapt in this "comfortzone" and don't take the "risk" to try and meet other people to get a more social life then it'll never happen and i'll keep living the life i hate. I know the people i'll meet will most likely never be as close to me as the few long time friends i have but i do need more to start liking my life again.
The more good times you have the more bad times you can handle and that's what i need to try to obtain.

Damn i've been rambling long now, i'm going to try to take the excuse that i'm a bit :drunk: and that makes me talk too much :biggrin:

anyway i'll leave it at this now, there are some things that i'm going to make my social life a bit better and maybe if i'm a bit better with that then i have some more will to take care of my other problems or just live with them.

Take care all
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