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I have been talking to a girl that I really really like. And its been going good, until I recently found out that she slept with her ex. Now unexpectedly my first love had messaged me and told me her gf of 2 and a half years is leaving to "find herself". And told her not to wait up for her cause she doesnt know if or when she will be back. I still have feelings for her even though she did cheat on me, but I also have feelings for this other girl. I have no idea what to do. Any advice for me?


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Hmm what to do. I would say go to this new girl. So what if she slept with her ex. It is not like you two are dating. Why turn down sex when you have no attachments?


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If you aren't sure about either of them, then why pick? Just have neither.
I wouldn't get back with your ex though. Never works.
I wouldn't get back with your ex though. Never works.
I have seen it work, however it takes trust, forgiveness and a total willing on both sides to forget.
This is a new page that is very rarely turned.
So, it can work, but with human nature........................almost never does.

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