Who's on SSI or Disability?

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    Funny because if you pretend to be crazy just to get on it you will eventually become crazy because of how awful your life becomes. Sitting around with nothing to do all day. Watching all the busy bodys doing important things, socializing, feeling happy bright and intelligent thriving at life while you're sitting in a studio apartment falling to pieces with 20 illegal wetback neighbors crammed into a tiny apartment who don't give a fuck about being loud and slamming things around during all hours and would probably kill you if given the chance. Receiving money that the govt has deemed to goto people who have incontinence problems and the cognitive abilities of a 3 year old Fucking great I tell you. How the hell could I possibly ever be normal again. So pathetic and fucked up. People like me are considered completely trash to all. If I were dying in the middle of the road you wouldn't give a fuck because I'm obviously poor and struggle with humility and the most adverse conditions possible in this country on a daily basis. I really should go on a psychotic rampage as a release. What's it matter anymore. I never did anything to deserve this life. I was always quiet and shy, I never did anything that would be considered harmful to others except that I no longer wanted to live anymore. Now I live like and I'm treated like criminal miscreants who have just been released from prison (yeah, they're placed in state run medical programs with people who suffer mental illness.) The irony is that they're often given college scholarships and money/programs to get back in life while the shy suicidal ones like me are pretty much just encouraged just to fucking kill themselves. Maybe I should attempt some crimes. What's the worst that could happen to me other than getting free stuff (I've done MANY illegal things in my life and have never been caught) or getting a free college scholarship because I'm an ex convict. I really don't care if I die anymore but I really would like to enjoy myself before I go!
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    It's wrong to lie to get onto disability and also illegal.

    Im sorry you feel like this tho :hug:
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    If the GOVT deems you to be on SSI then you would have to be such a good faker that you're obviously crazy anyways (you would have to be for wanting to live in extreme poverty that SSI provides...) The govt doesn't make mistakes like that.

    Job disability is just for the weak and degenerates who want to mooch off their employers and sit on their fat white trash asses in luxury collecting thousands of dollars each month.

    See in the UK you have the dole. In the US you have to live on the street with degenerate drug addicts and <mod edit: Robin - That term is offensive> having to go through bureaucracy intentionally made to be as convoluted as possible and grind you down so that you view yourself as completely meaningless just to ultimately live like shit if you ever fall on hard times.
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  4. I'm on SSI, and it's not much money. By the way, it's pathetic how people on SSI don't collect as much money as people on job disability collect.
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    If you don't mind me asking Broken. What are you on SSI for? How long have you been on it and do you have any hopes of having a well paying career in the future? I can't see myself living this way much longer.
  6. I have been on SSI for five years because I have a severe form of a peripheral neuropathy known as Charcot Marie Tooth. I almost cannot walk, since my balance is very unstable, resulting in my tripping and falling down often. The only type of career I might be able to have is being a counselor, as long as I'd be able to do the job from one location, not having to travel from place to place between offices, or home visits, and such. The likeliness of me getting that type of job, isn't likely, at least for now, because of my depression.