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Who's Your Sweet Thang? Mine's Willy Tang!

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Hi everyone,

Here is how the game called Who's Your Sweet Thang? Mine's Willy Tang! works. If I say a first name (e.g. Alex), the next person has to name a first name that ends with the last letter of the previous name listed (e.g. Xela). Names can be fun! All in good fun here!
Now, the second part is simple. I will proceed to slowly give you a sample of game-play.

Player 1: My Mommy is Buddha. Who's your Daddy?

Player 2: My Daddy is Alexander the Great! Who's your Mommy?

Player 3: My Mommy is Treetard! Who's your _________?

Player 4: My Mommy is Doodly Doo You! Who's your Daddy?

Lastly, we can get creative. Therefore, the words "Mommy" and "Daddy" can be replaced with whatever words are deemed appropriate.

Let's sample some more game play.

Player 5: My Big Foot is Ulysses' Pig! Who's your Razzle Dazzle?

Player 6: My Razzle Dazzle is Giggling because I'm a giggly gargantuan giggler!! (Proceeds to explain why). Who's your Momma?

Player 7: My Momma is Eur Face! Your face is so pretty that you're my momma, sweet thang! Who's your Potato Chip?

Player 8: My Potato chip is Esther because Esther sounds like the organic compound Ether which is full of nutrients and love! Who's your child?

My child is Rip Van Winkle because I think that's the title of a book I read when I was a kid and because I'm winking at you! Do you see?? ;) Who's your Dinner Roll??

And so on and so forth! Simple, huh? Hope you enjoy!! Now, let's begin!

My Lunch is Breadsticks N' Bacon because they both start with capital B's as in Bagelicious!!!! You know it, sweet thang! Who's your kangaroo? He better look like Scooby Doo!


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Sorry! I was afraid this would be too confusing, hence my asking a few people to try to see if they can understand this and play along. Here's a simpler sample of simple sample play. ;) Thanks for the input!

2. My Kangaroo is Oh-You're-Not-The-Only-One-That-Can't-UnderstanD. Who is your Mr. Potato Head?

3. My Mr. Potato Head is Dobby. Who's your Ponytail?

4. My Ponytail is You've Lost Your Mind Haven't Ya? Who's your Boom Box?

5. My Boom Box is A_________. Who's your *insert anything*?

Also, maybe Who and What can be interchangeable. As this game picks up (if it ever does, tweaks can be made :))
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