why (a rant)

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  1. forever_scarred

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    y does amelia (x cousin) get it all and i am left with nothing?
    y does she have a mother and i am left crying for my own?
    y does she get a man who loves her and children and im stuck alone?
    god if ur so great y the hell are you punishing me like this?
    i dont think u care
    i dont think u care about me at all
    i dont believe in u god
    ur not real
    nothing is real anymore
    screw life
    all i want is my mom back and yet thats never gonna happen
    y am i even here if all ur gonna do is torture my already guilty, pain filled heart, mind, and soul?
  2. itmahanh

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    :arms: It really sucks when life is unfair. It's like the world is giving you lemons and you dont even have a glass to make lemonade in. And here I am giving you something as well. But a hug can make ya feel better if even for only a minute or two. So please use this one.