Why am I here?

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    Why do I post I post in these forums anyway? I'm supposed to be the strongest in the family, I'm the oldest child and most responsible. I'm not supposed to have any problems, I'm supposed to be to be the shining example for everyone else. I got the most education, best credit, and no criminal record but still I'm here.

    Why do we feel suicidal? Why are we in pain? Is it just a phase that we go though or is it very serious? I really don't know. Am I supposed to be in pain? Is this the consequence of not being like everyone else and to set an example? Just how long am I supposed to ignore these feelings before they go away? And why won't my so-called loved ones listen to me when I tell them that I hate my life? I can understand the most complicated physics and mathematics but when it comes to the basic question such as what do I want in life I cannot give the right answer. All I want is death.

    But why do I feel this way? I don't have any outlook in life except my death, thats all I want. Is that selfish? I feel all alone, whether I'm alive or dead really doesn't matter. It hurts to know that my memory will be forgotten over time.:sad: