Why am I not cured?

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The truth is out and despite my family's first reaction (which was mostly shock) they have been nothing but supportive. I was feeling better and relived the first few days but now suddenly BANG the depression has returned. I'm feeling so useless and like I can do nothing right. I'm not really good at anything at all and my social skills are embarrassing. With the exception of my family, I always get nervous if I have to talk to someone. I always try to avoid it. Last week, I attempted suicide and failed. And right before that, I had deleted my FB account, my twitter account and all of my friends phonenumbers. My life is now emptier than it used to. My family is the only one that keeps me breathing but sadly they can't remove the depression.

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Have you talked to your doctor hun get on some meds if you are on some get them changed maybe to different ones with depression sometimes you have to try a few different meds before finding the right one hugs


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Great advice from total eclipse…

Also, it’s fortunate that your family are supportive of you…

Can you open another FB and twitter account? You can still find ways to reconnect with your friends…be open to life again, hon…you can get through the depression…and get better...

With loving wishes and hugs :hug:


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Your family do care for you - and although they were shocked at first they have come to accept you have an illness which make you feel like you cannot cope with other people.

But it is hard to talk to parents so maybe talking to a therapist would help as well as some medication also? Now you have tried to end things it is worth trying meds and other changes in your life.

Maybe not having facebook is good - people often have 500 friends on facebook! Must be pressure just saying hello to even 20% of them!

You can always open up another twitter and facebook - perhaps having less 'friends' but allowing for new ones also. Family might seem they cannot help - but did you tell them about your suicide? If you did I'm sure they would do anything to help you.

I'm glad you have some people who know - the 'secret' is one shared by maybe 1 in 10 - so its not like you are really alone. Even sitting on a bus there might be 2, 3 4 people just like you - smiling outside but not inside.

Hope the smiles come back again for you.

Regards and best wishes.
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