Why am I not dead?

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    I'm confused...why am I not dead...I don't get it...it's been over a year & I'm still NOT dead...everybody knows...everybody thinks I'm crazy...I can't even stand anything anymore, so why have I not killed myself?! WHY AM I NOT DEAD?! I can't spend another minute of anything. I don't get it. I don't get help: I know I won't get help so what am I waiting for???!!!
    Why is it on friday that I overdosed, walked up to my professor, told him I needed help, he said he'd help by contacting my counsellor, & then he didn't do shit all & I still didn't kill myself?! I ASKED just like they always tell us to do & nobody helped me..
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    im so sorry to hear that you feel that...hope you feel better soon:arms: