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why am I so sad?

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Why am I so sad all the time? It gets better then it gets worse... I know I have bi-polar, cronic depression, ocd and a shit load of other crazy things... but I dont understand why it won't go away... it gets worse every day... and if it gets better it comes back within a few days...
Thats why I feel I have to die :badday:


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I get that too, the on and off depression (Well It never goes completely off though). I can't explain it but I assume its normal in depression. At least you can look forward to the "gets better" part when you're down.


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You should try to make a list of reasons. Go back to when you were first feeling this way, why you felt this way, how it got worse, etc. Just don't be afraid to dig in the dirt and uncover your past.

For example, when my depression set-in I know I was very lonely. Then I asked myself what made me lonely...
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