why am i so sad?

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by helloandgoodbye, Aug 1, 2007.

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  1. So here is what is going on.
    Sometimes I'm ok, i feel good, i go out and i feel smart, because i really consider myself a pretty smart person. And i feel really strong
    But sometimes i don't know why...i just feel sad, any rejection makes me feel really miserable... and i just want stop everything and stay in bed

    I recently started a business... it was a pretty brilliant idea and has a lot of potential. But the problem is that i have to sell... and that means that i get LOTS of rejection... and i know this is normal in every business, and i know it is not personal, but every time i get a "no" i just feel terrible... and i want to give up

    what is wrong in my head? how come sometimes i'm so sure of my skills and 20 minutes later i'm questioning that maybe i'm a just stupid arrogant kid that dreams too much.It is so painful.

    I don't wanna die... But it has become really hard to live working like this. If my business doesn't work i really don't want to live anymore. It is my dearest project and my freedom... i can't live knowing that i got so close and failed
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  2. Berg

    Berg Guest

    Come on, you can do this. don't doubt yourself. You are smart, you don't make use off it. Just thrust yourself. And your capability;s will double.

    For the rejection part. The hardest and best thing in life is to stop caring what people think. If you manage to do this you will be set free, and be successful.

    But at first find a friend who can help you with the sales part.

    Stop blaming yourself for the rejection. They dint want the product, they are to stupid to see its use, they are less then you.

    Believe in yourself beyond blind trust and you will be come a great salesman, and a free person.

    Stop caring now. Walk up to the next random person and just start talking. Make em laugh for no reason. If you act like your doing what you supposed to do.. most of them will listen to you. They fear your thrust in yourself and begining to doubt yourself just like your doing now.

    Its all balance.. your now on the fucked side of weighing of each persons self confidence.

    Hang in there..

  3. That is a terrible thing too say. I don't need a pat on the shoulder, and i can't blame customers for not buying a product.

    I need to kknow if there is some explanation for my mood change, and which "me" i can trust. And how i can control it
  4. pisces-music-girl

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    There are a lot of explainations for mood changes... ranging from hormones to stress to (the very serious) bipolar disorder.

    As someone who suffers from possibly all three (i haven't been diagnosed as bipolar... yet, anyway) I can just say that trust your confident self. It's really hard to push all the negative out... I have to write it all out... but find someway to push the negative out.

    Just don't lose confidence, write out your negative feelings, and hang in there. :hug: That's the best anyone can do.
  5. Blackness

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    I'm the same. Sometimes I'm ok, thinking about the future and stuff, but all the toher times I'm so depressed, constantly thinking about death and how pointless this life is..
  6. well somebody mentioned bipolar disorder. i'll look into it... medication or something

    but you say that i should trust my "confident" self. but how do you know he is the right one? maybe the depressive self is right, and i should stop trying to do big stuff so i stop hurting myself
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