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why am I so ugly?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by rojer, Aug 22, 2006.

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  1. rojer

    rojer Active Member

    I am so ugly no matter what I do I am always ugly.
    I used to think maybe if I worked out I would be less ugly.
    I got the abs, muscles, big arms then people still called me ugly so I gave up on
    working out. Now I am kind of skinny with belly fat and no muscle.
    I am not bald or anything.

    My facial features are I have these low brows that make me look like a neanderthal and tiny eyes. I got brown skin but I have many different skin colors because I have so much facial hair even under my damn eyes. I almost have a unibrow connecting. Many people have told me I look like a pedophile or a rapist and a guy you can trust that looks dirty and sneaky. I am nothing like that. But people just assume that by looking at my face and it really hurts too. I also have this wierd smell I take a bath everyday and put on tons of deodorant and collogne but I always end up smelling like fish, fresh fish and no one hangs out around me. I also got a big nose that makes me look like shrek. My hair is what I really hate too it is the nastiest thing I ever saw it is like hay I can't comb shit it is so ugly it looks like a nasty afro when I cut it it still looks ugly, people say my hair looks like pubic hair.I have considered going bald.

    And girls I don't even think about them anymore I have lost interest in sex love and anything that has to do with other people. Sometimes I forget that when we get older we need to get a female partner because I am so ugly I will never get a girl I gave up a long time ago and I am so young too.
    I am like a nomosexual.

    Right now I am considering suicide if only I could get my hands on a gun I heard it's the fastest way.
  2. Lady Byron

    Lady Byron Well-Known Member

    I am really sorry you feel that way. Beauty isn't everything. People can be "gorgeous" on the outside, but be totally hideous on the inside, or people can be "ugly" on the outside, but still be the most beautiful on the inside. I doubt you are as ugly as you say you are. I know people are always saying it's what's on the inside that counts and then judge people by how they look, but I'm seriously all about how people act and their personalities. I'm really sorry that you think you are ugly. I think I'm ugly too, but I never say it out loud because people look at me funny. You can PM me if you ever want to. I will listen. And please don't commit suicide. Is beauty the only thing that matters to you??? Girls can be pretty bitchy and totally about looks, but not all of us are like that. I hate "pretty boys" they are usually the cruelest.
  3. rojer

    rojer Active Member

    It's kind of hard to get a job too I had to get my uncle to do the interview to get the job and I just went to work the day after my uncle had to come to me and tell me I was fired he didn't give me the reason because they didn't want to hurt my feelings and right now I don't know what job I can get. It really screws up my life if I work at a restaurant people just start looking at me and get disgusted. I need a job that has no human contact and that is too hard to find for me so I have no idea what I am going to do. I mean come on who would want to hire a guy that looks like a pedophile or a rapist
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  4. me_

    me_ Guest

    Hey there,
    i am sorry that people are mean when it comes to your appearence. :hug:
    You should start working out again tho, do it for yourself, not for others, if you started to see improvements - that is all that matters.
    I know it is hard to ignore what others say - or should i say impossible - but you should try to dettach yourself from all the mean things that people say, and start to want to look good for yourself, and not for others.
    I know is easy to talk.
    Take care and feel free to PM me if you need to talk.
  5. I know plenty of 'beautiful' people who are absolutely hideous individuals.

    I'd rather surround myself with people who are amazing and not physically appealing than with self centered egotists who think that a cut frame and large breasts are the key to happiness.

  6. Lady Byron

    Lady Byron Well-Known Member

    That's kind of sort of what I said. Except what I said was that people can be "pretty" on the outside, but totally hideous on the inside and so on and so forth. I'm glad someone else out there feels the same way. Because it is so true to some people. I think I would rather be a part of the hideous/nice people than be a part of the beautiful/shitbags.
  7. Just look at hollywood

    all those beautiful actors and people... all disgusting on the inside.
  8. rojer

    rojer Active Member

    But all those people have money and what they need for life.
    I have nothing I am not smart or good looking in life to succeed you need one of these. I have none. Worst part is there is nothing I can do to improve the way I look it just sucks
  9. me_

    me_ Guest

    I think you are exagerating now. All of them?? You make it sound like inner beauty is inversely proportional to outter beauty.
  10. Lady Byron

    Lady Byron Well-Known Member

    I'm really sorry. I bet you're not as bad looking as you think you are. I really bet someone out there loves you for who you are not what you look like but is too afraid to say anything. Good luck.
  11. rojer

    rojer Active Member

    Hell I can't even remember the last time I talked to a girl or a girl talked to me it was either back in highschool and that was only for a looseleaf. It's been like years. Kids in highschool would ask who's that kids who's sleeping all the time.
    I would be sleeping all the time to hide my ugly face from people. They just think I am very sleepy. I would bury my face in my arms on the desk and sleep all class.
  12. kittie kat

    kittie kat Active Member

    Huney... it's a cruel world, a cold hearted one... Only the people like us who has suffered counts on what's on the inside... but dont expect that from the others... they are cruel... insensitive....
    I can give u some solution:

    #1: "I have these low brows that make me look like a neanderthal and tiny eyes/I almost have a unibrow connecting. :

    well sweetie, A LOT OF MEN DO THEIR NAILES!!! dont be ashamed and fix ur eyebrows... lift ur chin up high and be proud that at least u made an effort... not to be better.. u r the best... but to shut up these low lives so-called people or human beings that are judging u...

    2#:"I have so much facial hair even under my damn eyes:

    Rojer... a lot of women if u didnt know have this problem.... u can take them off by wax or by the string technique... its painfull but works gr8... just what ever u do dont shave them...

    3#:" I also have this wierd smell I take a bath everyday and put on tons of deodorant and collogne but....":

    Sweetie, not ur fault, ur body creates liquids, trust me its not that bad,... U could have an inffection in ur sweat lunges... Go visit a dermatologue, I swear he will give the right kind of deodorants, medical ones, and creams to put before and after u sleep... my advice to u till ur appointment with the doctor, stop the deodorants, i think they are the cause, ur body can handle them, he's reacting to them...

    4#: "I also got a big nose that makes me look like shrek":

    When u have enough money, do a plastic surgery... its not that big of a deal... i think...

    5#: "my hair looks like pubic hair." :

    well concider calming it down by lots of conditioners... u can go to a barber, and he can make them silky as a baby's but... this technique is called: "Defrisage".....or u can go bald after u've done all the solutions above,... or u can tie them reall hard... hair should be the least of your problems...
    I will pm u later with a web of cosmetics services that will help A LOT...
    U should be updated by cosmetics news and progress...

    hope this helped... u need anything sweetie, I'm here...
    In the end, u r rly sweet, just to get affected by what people tell u, this shows ur sensitivity and how adorable and nice u are...
  13. dark_thought

    dark_thought Guest

    I'm ugly too, so I think about this stuff a lot. My experience is that no amount of healthy-eating or working out helps if you have a face that looks like it was hit by a bus. I used to have acne a lot and that didn't help - at college I tried to hide behind high-collar shirts and scarves. I've almost beaten that, now I've got to try and sort out my greasy skin and awful hair.

    The thing is though, I think for many people, beauty is skin-deep. Look at some of the actors and celebs on the TV and in mags- many of them are pretty ugly, but they're worth millions and are idols to many. Why? Because their personality outshines their physical imperfections.

    Alas, that's what I try to convince myself.
  14. type1

    type1 Member

    nomosexual, good word, im gonna use that 1, cheers
  15. Xian

    Xian Well-Known Member

    Whenever I feel ugly (usually acne related) I take a good long shower and I feel better. I also shave my head to almost complete baldness.

    If you can stop dwelling on ugliness and prettiness and looks for a minute, you'll realize that all you need is yourself, and all that matters is on the inside.
  16. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni


    I too am sorry (and really angry) that people are mean to you because of how they see you. Key words here: "how they see you". Even if you were as ugly as you think you are, and I doubt that, it still isn't reason for disdain or unkindness. Please don't give up on your life due to your (perception of your) appearance. Don't give the f*****s the upper hand. Trust in yourself, your soul. No one but your Maker can see that, tho if you have a lover (in any sense of the word) they may be able to peek into your soul ...if you let them.

    In Antoine St Exupery's book THE LITTLE PRINCE, the Fox tells the Prince a great secret: "...it is ony with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye." That is a great secret that more should discover.

    Please come here to vent your feelings so they don't implode in you. We'll listen and not judge you. Sending you love and hugs and hope.

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  17. Hi * I only read the first post and let me say there is always something you can do to make you look better * I am not saying (before everyone jumps on me) that looking good is everything but if it can increase your confidence or make you feel better about yourself then you should do it * First of all, you should carry on working out * A nice body can do lots for someone even if their face isn't that great * Second, to make your eyes look bigger you can try curling your eyelashes and if you get a white eyeliner you can put it on the inner rims of your eyes * Both of those will make your eyes look bigger * What do you mean by that you have many different skin colours? Like do you have a shadow where the hair grows? Or is it different to that? You can pluck your eyebrows and the hair between your eyebrows out with some tweezers * Go to a salon first and get them to do it first so you know what shape to have and then you can just maintain it yourself * Lots of men go to salons so don't feel like you can't * Also, everyone thinks they smell different to what they actually smell like but yeah, like someone said, go to your doctor about it * There may be a reason why that he can sort out * Also, maybe try having showers instead of baths? The water stays cleaner * About your hair, the only way to sort it out is to go to a hairdresser and ask their opinion * They are the experts * Let them help you *

    Also, to the person that said that "all those beautiful actors and people... all disgusting on the inside" * how do you know? have you ever met any of them in person? That's being very judgemental * Some pretty people are nice, some are not * Some "ugly" people are nice, some aren't * Someone told me I was beautiful when I first joined * Does that mean I am hideous on the inside? I want to be thin * Does that mean I am an awful person?
  18. raiki15

    raiki15 Member

    I would say the whole world is ugly, if you look at it the way I look - only in anime everything's beautiful and everything ends well... You can consider a gun but will you be able to do it once you grab it? I guess it's not that easy...
  19. me_

    me_ Guest

    Yes, i agree.
    Saying that all those beautiful actors and people are all disgusting on the inside, is basically judging by appearance. The very same thing that Rojer is experiencing - the only difference is the criteria. (which in this case is physical attractiveness and not physical unattractiveness)
  20. rojer

    rojer Active Member

    Your suggestions are all great but I don't think I can get these things like the cosmetic things it would be really embarrassing for me to go to these places like hair salons and places like that because those places are usually filled with really good looking people and I am so ugly I don't fit in there and I don't think I can even afford all that stuff or have enough time for it.
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