why am i SUCH a bitch??!

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by soangry, Jun 21, 2008.

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  1. soangry

    soangry Guest

    Hate everyone. it isnt their fault.
    i hate everyone for having siblings, for being with their siblings, for being with their family, for being older. i'm angry, so angry at my only friend for being with her sister. How awful is that? can't deny it though, heart is thumping with the hatred, i'm shaking and if she were here i'm not sure what i'd do.
    Nothing is fucking fair.
    want to rip myself to pieces and jump under a train but nothing will bring her back. Nothing,.
    It's a good job i'm all alone. think i'd be a risk to other people.
  2. Rachael41

    Rachael41 Well-Known Member

    I understand hw u feel :) I have sooo much anger inside.

    Most of the tiime all i feel is resentment and jealousy towards others.

    I pushed a close friend of mine away because i was such a bitch to her.
    she kept standing by me but ther came a pnt wen she had to walk away and i dont blame her.

    What im saying is u should try not to be so bitter (i hope that doesnt sound cheeky :( and i know its hard cos i struggle to) But u could end up pushing so many pp who care about u away :(

    Be strong ! i know u can do it!
  3. subt

    subt Member

    well i think your main problem is is you expect fairness.

    thats my main problem too....all i want out of life is fairness

    you got fucked in life... aswell as myself. i dont know how to deal with that..my only thought is i want to die because i didnt ask for this life. if i knew how unfair this fucking life would be i wouldve strangled myself with my moms umbilical cord lol. i fucking missed the memo on that.
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