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Why are people in this world so cruel?

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I've really noticed that too, over the last decade. Things that used to be common courtesies have gone by the wayside. People have become more and more aggressive. I don't know where it is leading our society, but all I can try and do for myself is seek out people that have compassion.


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People really are cruel. What's even more screwed up is that a large amount of the time the victim is blamed. Victims are abused for being abused. If anyone has a mental illness it is monsters like that. Most of us are actually "normal" I think.
Easier to pick on those already low... that makes them feel superior and gives them a high... the 'normal' is more sck than the sick ones... this world is upside down in behavior and values and humanity have gone down the drain.

True enough.. the abused are doubled abused as they are blamed for it.. sick world, nothing to do with it... dont belong in it :sigh:
hey hun :hug: what is going on with you? sorry you're feeling bad :( some people can be cruel - have their own agendas etc. but there are lots of non-cruel people about too :p biiiiiiiiiiiiiig :hug:
Because a lot of people suck. They have no regard for others feelings. They are selfish, even if they don't admit it. Have a heart of stone. The human race, full of mistakes.
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