Why are people such assholes?

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    I just get so sick of it. Not everyone is an asshole, but way too many are, especially here in America. So quick to judge and put others down for mistakes made. Instead of trying to lend a hand to someone who is down, people would rather kick sand in their face. Don't even get me started on how greedy people here can be, all that matters is money. I can only imagine how great of a place America could be if it wasn't for the greedy, selfish prices that run this hell hole.
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    i totally agree with everything you have said, i too feel that people are just that. they come off selfish, self centered, arrogant, uppity up, etc etc. no idea what has happened to this country at all, it use to be a little better but in the last 20 years it has gone down hill. i dont get people anymore, thats why i sit home alone all the time, people hurt people, period. i am sorry if my words are not encouraging or positive in any way but i am in the same boat.
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    Yeah I hear ya on that one. People tell me I should get out more and be more sociable, but then when I do go out, I have to deal with rude, judgmental, exclusive, & hateful people. Lots of people nowadays seem to only care about themselves and have no consideration for others feelings. But there are still some good people out there, just few and far between. So when I meet good people, I really do cherish their friendship and company.
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    Hmm. Interesting debate.

    OP - you quote that people are quick to judge, yet you yourself are judging people by classifying them as assholes in your thread title. I find that a little ironic. And saying that people are greedy and motivated by money, I think that covers the majority of people who work hard for very little rewards wanting to be a little more comfortable in creating further lives and balanced family unity, not just those who are depressed. So there are some who will look to benefit from every opportunity that comes their way, making the most of it. Does that make them greedy? Ok, some top level board members/executives will look to line their own pockets for greed, but the majority are not like that. Judging others without knowing them is no different to them doing the same to you. Does that sound feasible?

    As for being kicked while being down, there is a lot that can be said for communication. Being aggressive because you disagree with what someone else does or says is not going to help it. If they were put into your shoes, fine, they might struggle more, but how can anyone know what goes on inside someone else's mind if there is no open communication to bridge the lack of understanding gap? That's where a number of issues can be resolved, but it's all too easy to bitch about it instead.

    And Carbie, I do understand your point, but I also understand that you are heavily biased against life because of everything that has happened in yours. While you are biased in such a manner, would you be able to have a clear enough view of the bigger picture? Yes, I'm aware that I could well be one or more of the 4+ descriptions you have utilised too. Why I say that? Because you didn't like me disagreeing with something you said in a different thread. But I am no different, I am human too.

    No-one chooses to be born into this world, so as a starting point, there is equality. How people are can be linked to many things too, but blaming society for doing what they need to in order to survive and succeed as portrayed by media/education to be socially acceptable, is being just as judgemental, yet in a different way. That's no different to what a fair few others complain about on this site, yet has a hint of hypocrisy about it.
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    There's a big difference between judging someone and calling it how you see it. I am not talking about any one person in particular, but instead the American culture, win at all costs bullshit. And unless you have been living under a rock, things aren't good in this country, yet life does not stop if you don't have money. People keep blaming the media for reporting what life is like here, but it's the truth, The middle class in this country is dying off. Just because things might be ok for you, or people you know, doesn't mean there aren't more and more people out there struggling to make ends meet everyday. Instead, people wanna hide their head in the sand and pretend it's not happening, because it very easily could be you or the next middle class worker who goes down in flames, to save their bosses a little money for their shareholders.

    And I'm not talking about the average person who goes to work trying to get the bills paid as being greedy, they are just doing what they need too to survive. I am talking about the small amount of wealthy and rich in this country that control a majority of the wealth, and it is only going to get worse. The stock market and profits are at record highs for these people, yet where are the jobs? Read a few articles online if you don't believe me, where people are subjected to jumping through hoops to get a job, yet have to settle for scraps. I read an article today about how a lot of college grads are not able to find work in their fields, and are subjected to taking low paying unskilled jobs just to try and make ends meet. Why is that? Because a lot of high paying manufacturing jobs are being shipped overseas for slave labor so the head of a few corporation can make a few more billion dollars. And the American worker is left out in the cold, because of GREED. It's not like the cost of living goes down with the wages, people need to make a certain amount to survive, and they can't get those jobs.

    And where the hell is the lack of communication? People all across the country try to tell their story, and people won't listen, or tell them to stop complaining, or just don't believe what they are saying. I really don't think there is a lack of communication going on, there's a lack of compassion and a lack of wanting to see your fellow man do good, rather then what we have no, Reagan capitalism.
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    The only time this country is somewhat united is during a tragedy. 9/11 for example, democrat and republicans were united in a common good. That faded once we got involved in a bullshit war, which turned out to only be for the oil fields of iraq and had nothing to do with 9/11 or the Iraqi people, which we killed innocent people in the hundreds of thousands, when they were of no risk to us. All we ever hear in the news are talking points, and issues used to put us against eachother, rather then fighting the real enimies of this country, the politicians and lawyers, who have destroyed this country. It just makes me sick sometimes that these people are allowed to get away with the things they get away with, and we all just sit back and take it, because we are too afraid to stand up for ourselves.
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    The UK is in a similar boat to the US, politically, and economically. And in terms of the media, we aren't much better portrayed either. Life doesn't stop if we don't have money, that is very true in terms of a statement. But do we get the chance of a roof over our heads? Do we get clean and fresh water? I'm not gonna preach that Africa is worse off, I have my own view on that (actually I don't understand why they continue to reproduce given the state of what life is like there, but that's just an opinion). I'm stating that it's not just a US based issue.
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    it's easier for people to blame others and criticized them, because a) it makes them feel better about themselves and b) they don't have to think about their own mistakes...people suck...not all thank god but these people give everyone of us a bad name...they need a mirror to look at themselves before talking about others...
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    Kindness is learned. Some are slower than others...