why are some people so mean?

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  1. White Dove

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    I just dont understand why some people will treat you badly and not even realise what they doing. i mean i am buying 14 acres of land, i had a mobile home gave to me and when my brother and his wife and family was homeless i gave it up to them and stayed in this little camper, well today i took my dog out to tie him up to go to the bathroom, my brothers dogs came over started attacking my dog who was tied uop and then his wife bitches at me because i tried to stop them fighting and jumped all over me. why can she not see or understand i keep my dog in my house because all her dogs, they get to run free but mine cant and when i asked her to put them on a lease she wont but bitch at me because i asked her to put them on a lease or tie them up and she thinks in her stupid mind that i want them to stay in her house all the time, but i dont, why cant she see that? i was not planning to ever come back to write a sad story on this site again but it is breaking my heart, and her dog bite me several places and they not had rabies shots or anything but my dog has had his rabies shots and all she makers me out to be this bad person, and accuse me of a whole buch of stupid stuff and not even realise she is the one in the wrong, then she/they turn their kids against me, tell everyone around them i am a sorry person and that i make her keep the dogs in the house and everything and all i do is try and help them out. she needed a ride to her doc, i took my own money and paid gas to take her to her doc and heck i even run out of gas o the way bacvk. never got a thankyou all i get is her talking about me like a dog, getting mad at me because her dog attacked my dog, etc. i cant take this anymore. i want to just leave and maybe they would then understand when i am gone just how much i had helped them. i am hurting badly right now all because i had to get my dog outside just to use the bathroom and then this stuff happens
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    Hun time to tell your brother and his wife to leave it is your property your trailer and they are abusing YOU You tell them to pack up and leave because they cannot respect you ok
    She is mean because that is who she is and you should not have to put up with her hun hugs
  3. White Dove

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    I know i should but its hard when you love them, i mean i love my brother and she got mad today and drove off and made my brother cry, he sent her a text voice message and i was outside on my porch and he sent her that voice message saying that she could not leave him because of susan meaning me. she doesnt even realize what all i put up with and let things go like i do. i have to keep my dog in my house at all times and my cats because when i let them out their dogs are always chasing them and trying to kill my dog and i dont say anything to them i just keep my dog in my house. i dont want them to be homeless because that is exactly what they would be, i gave them the mobile home but when we pulled it in here i had to borrow against the land to set it up and hook it up and everything and our mortagae holder has the title to it, thus its not theres or mine until i get the land paid for. i put up with a lot of stuff and i do so because bible says for give not just 7 times but 70 x 70 or something like that and they have a 11 year old boy i just love to death i mean hes my nephew but dang i cant continue to do this.

    why cant see even see what she is doing? why cant they both understand what i do and put up with for them? they have no where else to go, shes not working, my brothers not working, they have no money, no way of moving out or able to rent a place. she has the dogs inside right now and they are there but she tells everyone i wont let her bring them outside, that is not what i said. why cant she just put them on a lease like i have to do my dog then walk them outside to use the bathroom or tie them up to a tie out chain, but she wont do that, she i think in her mind thinks its abusive to do that, and its the state law. she wants everything her way and i think a lot of it has to do with her and her dope. she smokes a joint nearly every dang day, and everything else its runing her mind, her 17 year old daughter left and wont come back because of her own mother, her 14 year old tiff told me the other day that when she gets 15 she is moving in with her granny, and all.

    i am just gonna sell out and move away because i am so tired of it. i have 14 acres and i am selling it for 50000 and moving out of this state and so far away from them and my family, and if i cant sell then there is one other way thus why i am here. i dont want to selll and not do the other thing either but i cant handle this steess, this pain, and this hurt becauase i do a lot of things for them and they dont care. his wife has never cared for me at all, she has always hated me and i have done nothing be nice to her and help them out. she tells everyone else she meets all kinds of bad things about me, and even talks about her other friends that same dang way when she is not around them but then when they around her she is all buddy buddy with them. she needs help. she needs help with her anger, she needs help to get off the dope and its like i am sitting and cant move. i have no money until i sell out so i am stuck right now. i dont know what else to do and i aam sorry i laid all this on you.
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    I agree with Total Eclipse. It's your land, your home, you should make the rules. You also need to be strong to stick to them but everyone indulging your sister in law is not helping her. You are not the one who should be moving.
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    Hon, I know what the Bible says about forgiveness. But I believe that God also expects people to be accountable for their actions, and I don't think your brother and sister in law are doing what they should.

    If you sell the land, they will have to move anyway, wouldn't they? If you don't want to sell or move, then you shouldn't have to. If you feel you just can't get through to them, is there a third party, a family member, friend, or possibly your pastor who could speak to them?

    Your sister in law needs to show respect for you and your needs. I don't believe for one minute you are going against God's wishes if you tell them that they need to keep their dogs contained, and live in peace with your pets and yourself. And if they are not willing, then letting them know that you will no longer be willing to keep the property might give them an incentive to change things.

    I was wondering also if your property is set up so that there could be more room between you and them? I don't know if that is possible, but it might help. But they will still need to find a way to keep their pets from disturbing others.

    I sure wish you well in finding an answer. It's tough when problems exist, especially when it's family.
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    "I forgive you for being such ungrateful people - now get out."

    There are problems 95% of time when family and close friends start living in close company as adults. Ask them to leave and move on. Forgiveness and family still can be fine at visits and dinner even is it takes a while to get to that. If you think you need an excuse tell them you cannot afford and worried about insurance liability (very valid concerns) and need to rent/lease trailer - as they do not want to lease you need them to leave.
  7. meaningless-vessel

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    Think it's time to ask them to leave. See if you have any rights to kick them off your land where they have no jobs/not paying rent, and are abusing what help you've given them. Combine that with your sister-in-law's drug habit, and her eldest daughter leaving because of her, the other one wanting out, and there may be a valid case. Throw on top of that the dog bites you suffered (and that should be in medical notes somewhere), because they cannot keep their pets under control, they could be put down.

    Yeah - one hell of a pickle, but you need to stand up to them and remain firm and focused. You could get income from others renting that mobile home. You don't deserve to be a prisoner inside your little camper and be on the receiving end of that level of 'drug-fuelled' abuse.
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    hey, thanks for all the replys. well my brothers talking to me now but not heard a word much from his so called wife and really i dont care much at all if i ever talk to her again. i have 14 acres and i do have a mobile in the back that needs quite a bit of work plus needs to get the light pole entrance thingy set up to the right dang pole. I am gonna try and get the lights on it and move back father in the property. dang things so dang high these days it will be quite a while before i get to get in it and all. thinking of getting concrete blocks and building a very tall block fence around, the blocks are like 1.63 each but it be well worth it not to be able to even see her dang face. anyhow they know i might let it go back, heck i even told them i was gonna let it go back and all, like they would even care because their son told me they was gonna move the mobile but they cant because they dont have the title. anyhow i am fixing to start laying down some tough rules and if they dont like it then they can just get out and i may need to come back here for support or something cause who knows what all will happen when i get tough. there is just so much i can take and when i get mad people better step aside cause they dont want to mess with me when i am mad. heck i know how to fight now because when i went thru that police academny they taught me how to fight and i know how to hurt them really bad if i wanted too. Thanks for all the encourgement guys! i really needed to hear that. love ya all