why are some people such immature asshats?

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  1. KittyGirl

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    My mom's ex won't leave us alone.
    We left quietly- she didn't take the car; although it was HERS; she was paying payments- but he tricked her into it from the beginning, telling her it was hers-- but putting his own name and his daughters on the lease agreement; rather than letting her be the main signature.
    What a fucking lying piece of shit.

    He did that with everything else as well-- not just her car.
    The house. The house that she put thousands of the dollars she could have been using to save and have a home for herself or for her children years down the line. She paid over 10,000 of the fucking mortgage, but it was "his" house, still- and they weren't married because he was secretly actually STILL married to his 2nd ex wife---

    What a piece of shit.
    How can he call himself a man?

    He lies constantly, too.
    He told mom he was a religious man before they met. She thought "oh, great! That's wonderful!" then after he convinced her to move in with him a year later- he tells her that he's an athiest and she's stupid for being religious.
    What a cock.
    Fucking asshole!! AGH!

    Now he's charging us for 'bank fraud' and a bunch of other things-- trying to charge us for robbery of his house even though we only took our own things.
    That piece of shit will continue to haunt us and take us to court over shit that never happened.

    ...fuck, mom does not know how to pick men. not at all. -___-

    This is just making me so upset.
    He always emotionally abused me, too. He'd bring up the fact that I wasn't working in all of their arguments and would call me worthless and a loser over and over again, even though I WAS STILL PAYING MY PORTION OF THE RENT AND UTILITIES.
    He was just focused on arguing about whose children are better than the others.

    Well, he is a fucking ass.
    He wrecked both of his daughters emotionally- and they know it, too. They fucking hate him and so do I.
    For fuck sakes! How does anyone get away with acting like this?!
    He needs to grow a set of balls that last longer than 10 seconds and get a fucking life and leave us alone!!
    Mom left! She's gone and definitely NOT coming back after you stalk us down every day and make our lives a living hell-- the fucking prick.

    I'm going to go and make myself vomit several times now. I feel so sick.
    I hate men.
    I hate people.
    fuck... we're the worst.
  2. IV2010

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    :hug: he sounds like my ex-husband
  3. KittyGirl

    KittyGirl Well-Known Member

    AGHHH!!! -___-
    He's slightly worse than most of mom's exes- apart from one.

    I am pretty much convinced that all men are lying pieces of crap in the end.
    ...and that makes me sad for the future.
  4. plates

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    He sounds like my father! Everything you say about trickery, signatures, financial stuff- all that went on with us too while my mother worked herself to death to have him steal everything while doing FA work. That and the other wife BS. Woah. :mellow: This sounds familiar.

    I know what you mean and hear ya. :hug:

    Do you have a free law centre or any lawyer to get advice over what he's trying to do?
  5. KittyGirl

    KittyGirl Well-Known Member

    Nah. Mom's been through this type of bullshit enough times that she knows exactly what to do.
    We also have plenty of physical proof that he's been lying and stealing for a long, long time - so we're fine.

    It's just annoying.
    And really frustrating because he's still so smug and thinks everything will go his way.
  6. plates

    plates Well-Known Member

    It won't always go his way forever but yeah, that kind of smugness and behaviour does make you want to vomit. Keep safe :hug: