why are those who ask for help not seen as deserving as those who don't want it?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Nemo, Jan 28, 2011.

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  1. Nemo

    Nemo Well-Known Member

    it seems to me like all those people with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and such that actually want help, rarely get it. from health professionals i mean.
    there are so many people out there that are commited to psych wards and taken into hospital and things, even when they don't want the help they will recieve, and often get out and try to attempt (sometimes for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th... time).
    i'm not saying the people who haven't accepted they need help or those who don't want it, don't deserve it, but surely the success rate would be a lot higher if health professionals actually tried to help those who asked for it first? at least, in the long run, it would stop them from becoming like the ones who don't want help - often inconsolable and untrusting.
    i went to see my doctor about my depression last october, when i believed it was getting worse. i explained everything, and told them i felt i'd been suffering for many years and had only finally got courage enough to ask for help.
    they told me to fill out a questionnaire and told me they'd get back to me about seeing a therapist... it's been almost 4 months and i never got that call.
    i don't mean to be selfish, and i know the health service is really over run, but i called the doctors surgery again to ask about any follow ups and they just said i'll hear from them shortly - that was just after christmas.
    i don't know how i can stop myself from getting worse.
    i don't want to feel like this.
    was i foolish to assume i'd actually get help from these people?
    is it even worth it?
    because it seems to me, unless you've just attempted and someone has found you and brought you to A&E, you're never going to get any help.
    and to be honest, if i attempt, i don't intend on being found, or resuscitated.
  2. TooShyToScream

    TooShyToScream Well-Known Member

    You definitely need to try a different doctor. I don't know what is with those people, taking months to get you into therapy, but it took me like a week from the time I went in for an evaluation until my first appointment with my therapist. It really shouldn't take much longer than that. I'm sorry you're going through all that, but don't give up. Keep asking for help until someone hears you. :hug:
  3. Nemo

    Nemo Well-Known Member

    would another doctor really do anything differently though?
    what would stop the next doctor doing nothing, just like my original doctor? especially as my original doctor has known me since birth, she knows my family, she's friends with my mum, she seems fairly nice face to face... if someone like that thinks i'm worth leaving in the background like so many other people, why would a different doctor, who doesn't know me, think any different?
    i don't see the point.
    don't they realise how hard it is asking for help in the first place?
  4. TooShyToScream

    TooShyToScream Well-Known Member

    Yes, plenty of doctors would do it differently. Like I said, I got my therapist within a week, which is about the normal time frame. I understand that this doctor knows your family, but if they're not helping you, you can't just keep waiting around, getting worse, waiting for them. You have to try some other places. They're not all like that. As for realizing how hard it is to seek help... a good doctor would be aware of this, but some of them just don't care. That's why you have to find someone who does.
  5. Nemo

    Nemo Well-Known Member

    thanks TooShyToScream
    i know i should find another doctor
    and it's good to know you got help quickly
    it's just hard, to keep trying you know?
    i know it's cliche but i wish there was an easy way out of this
    but there isn't
  6. DeAdwOrLD

    DeAdwOrLD Well-Known Member

    Even if you attempt, and resus get you back to the land of the living in A&E, you are unlikely to get a warm reception. I think they treat suicide failures as time wasters, attention seekers and the like. Not nice

    It must be quite sad to still be around when you don't want to be...yeah, that is a really disturbing thought. That's why you really have to know what you are going to do, how effective you think it might be. Plus, the thought of waking up with some serious chronic illness would be a living nightmare

    Blackcloud, find another doctor she/he might get you the help you need for the depression. Keep battering their door until they take you seriously and help you out. It is a slow process. Take care
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