Why are we humans so dependent on human interaction and affection..

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    I don't understand it, really. Everyday I walk across the street to my friends house, where her boyfriend lives with her, and everyday I become a third wheel. But I keep going back. I always go hang out with them even though I know what's coming. And every time I go over there I get sad seeing them be all cuddly and kissing and whatnot because I don't have anyone like that in my life. The last girlfriend I had broke up with me because I was doing all types of drugs, (smoking weed, dropping acid, snorting coke, popping bars, etc) But even now that I've slowed down with the drugs she won't even talk to me. And I'm just sitting here like, why do we even need human interaction? What makes it so important that leads us to die due to lack of human interaction? And why do humans need affection so badly? If you know who Joe Rogan is, I was watching a YouTube video with him and he was talking about DMT, and saying how when he smoked it and had his trip, he came to this belief that humans are similar to any other parasite/mold. He compared Los Angeles to a tumor, or a growth. And how, as humans, our sole purpose is to spread, like mold, or a parasite. But parasites don't crave affection and interaction with other mold spores, at least I don't think... .-. But as he said, you don't look at each individual mold spore, you just look at it and see mold. As he said the same for if an alien life form was looking down on us. They would just see a "mold". I just wonder why we crave interaction with others so much and why I think affection is the most important thing ever. Like I can't go through an hour without thinking to myself, "I wish I had a girlfriend right now." I like to rant a lot and go on and on about things, easy for me because I type fairly fast and can get things typed out before I forget them so sorry if it looks like I rant and go off on about a lot of different things in a short space. But yeah.. Any thoughts on anything I talked about would be greatly appreciated, I just like to see feedback and that I'm not just typing this out for nothing.. :$
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    Better chances of survival, and for procreation, continuing human existence.
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    I agree with Prinn's comment.

    Also, touching and being touched are acts of trust and intimacy between humans. We like to feel wanted/needed and we like others to know we want/need them. Non-sexual touching (for example, hugs, handshakes, dancing, games, stroking a fevered forehead, having our hair washed, massage therapy...etc.) is a form of communication that says in a physical gesture, "I like you enough and trust you enough to touch you and let you touch me." That is the groundwork for creating cooperative social groups that will protect each other and even pool resources. And perhaps develop criteria for procreative partnerships.

    More intimate touching becomes sexual touching and requires more trust and also "consent" between people.

    Generally, I think affection shows that we accept, and are accepted by, others. I think the desire to be accepted plays a large role in why demonstrations of affection are part of the average human's make up.
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    Humans are bred to be social creatures.

    It dates all the way back to the first humans. Who likely survived a solo hunter or a group of hunters? It was basic survival.

    Fastfowarded. The more social we are the more likely we get to create offspring and pass down the social traits vs loners who never had the chance to.
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    Yeah right.
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    I've always been a loner, so maybe I'm the wrong person to post here, and never intended to procreate neither.