"Why are you depressed?"

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  1. I am tired of people asking me this. I was physically abused by my dad until I was 12, sexually abused for 6 years, and emotionally abused until I was about 15, I'd say. It depends on how you look at it. I watched my grandmother starve to death several years ago and my sister is currently in the last stages of kidney failure. She is supposed to take dialysis three times a week, but she hasn't been in about three weeks and she skips it like it's no big deal. I've been diagnosed as having Bi-Polar disorder and PTSD. My dad is an alcoholic and he has both cancer in the stomach and lungs. Even people that know the details have the nerve to ask me why I am depressed.

    After I knock some teeth out, I had better not be asked "why did you hit them?"
    It's fairly obvious, dumbasses...
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    Knocking some teeth out will only make things worse for you.
    Instead, try to ignore those who say why you are depressed. Also keep things like this a secret so that way those people don't know so they can't ask.

    I guess there are two reasons why people would ask that question.
    1) they don't know the details about you & are perhaps concerned about you.
    2) they do know but still don't get it or they do get it but they ask in a kinda rude/sarcastic way.
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    A lot of people also don't understand depression. They think you just can miraculously become happy. Maybe they also don't your situation. :hug:
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    The weird thing is... somebody asked me this earlier.... and I couldn't tell him cos I was in front of a load of kids. Weird, eh?