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why are you here in Suicideforum?

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Cause I wanted to be somewhere where people understood my pain & didn't push me to make changes I don't want to make just to fit in with the world. I always feel like I'm the only one going through the stuff I go through. I've tried killing myself many times & I'm so sick of this world..


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I was looking for suicide methods and found this place ....that seems like along time ago now. I still feel suicidal alot but i come here and talk to people who understand how i am feeling. They support me when i am in a bad place and have helped me through alot. I have alot of issues surrounding growing up in care and sexual abuse and have suffered from mental health problems because of it.


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I was looking for methods. I had to convince myself to sign up. I thought it was all a sham at first. I thought I could get methods from people on the site. I was wrong. Oh well.

I'm here because I have been here for about two years.
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Because a while ago (I can't even remember exactly when... my sense of time is odd... heh... but I suppose my sign up date will tell) I felt lower than I'd ever felt. At first, I, too, was looking for methods. But then, my dog looked at me and I thought "What the heck am I doing?" and instead started looking for support. Since I don't have a phone, the hotlines were useless so I looked up "suicide support forum" and stumbled here. I stay here because in a way, it's comforting knowing that I have a safe place to go when I feel that low.


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because im lonely. and have nothing better to do with my life.
but originally its just because i was searching methods.
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It's easy to find suicide hotlines, but I am extremely shy (to the point that it makes life difficult for me) and the idea of making phone calls to somebody that I don't know scared the mess out of me, so I was doing an online search for a website where I could type instead of talk and I stumbled upon this one. People here are so kind and supportive that I'm really glad I found it. And people actually understand me, which I can't find outside of here.


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Because I can rant and give my opinion on things without feeling like I'll be judged or made to feel ashamed for being 'myself' (whoever that is).
i came looking for methods after a failed attempt
wanted to do it right next time
instead found a supportive community that encouraged me to get help
stuck around to help others


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because im lonely. and have nothing better to do with my life.
but originally its just because i was searching methods.
Yes, feel that way with having nothing better to do with my life. Don't really know why I'm coming here anymore, enjoy reading many of the threads and many others seem to be interesting people but as far as coming here to get better I've given up on that, just killing time until judgement day arrives.:dry:


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I'm not sure anymore. I originally joined to get support because I couldn't get it elsewhere, then it was to support and help others, and now i'm just here. It's not safe for me to gain support, and I don't have much to offer anyone else. So I'm just here (no dubt unfortunately in some people's eyes).


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Because suicide is my primary interest, so this place is the place. Also, I signed up because of the forum' safe environment. Human kindness is what I need the most at this time. Besides, I have nothing else to do.


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I was originally looking for pro suicide sites... If they even exist. And looking for methods.

I stumbled across SF in a google search...

I still feel suicidal quite often, but now I have the support of these lovely people here... I can honestly say I wouldnt still be here if it werent for them.
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